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Comment LC-2610
Commenter: Makoto Ueki <makoto.ueki@gmail.com> on behalf of JIS

Resolution status:

It is difficult to interpret and translate the following parts:
Procedure #2.
Leave the content open for a length of time 10 times what a user could reasonably be expected to keep the viewport open for. For instance, a site's web analytics may indicate that average user visits last 1 hour and most return users visit once per day. 24 hours could be considered an appropriate length of time for the procedure.
Regardless of the time span used at step 2 of the procedure, if step 3 tests true after any length of time, then step 4 must be confirmed and the expected results evaluated as at 1.

Could you explain what you meant?

Proposed Change:
Need to clarification for us to translate and share the procedures with JIS X 8341-3.
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