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Commenter: Makoto Ueki <makoto.ueki@gmail.com>

We are reviewing and modifying our Japanese translation of WCAG 2 for JIS refresh.

We have a request on "general flash and red flash thresholds" in "Appendix A: Glossary".

It reads "Note 2: A transition is the change in relative luminance (or relative luminance/color for red flashing) between adjacent peaks and valleys in a plot of relative luminance (or relative luminance/color for red flashing) measurement against time."

Could you restate Note 2 in different words (in plain English)?

Proposed Change:
We need to understand what it means in order to translate it more accurately. Thank you so much in advance for your cooperation.

[JOSH NOTES] This was filed agains 2006 WCAG docs but I'm putting it here for tracking purposes.
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