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Not all comments have been marked as replied to. The disposition of comments is not complete.

In the table below, red is in the WG decision column indicates that the Working Group didn't agree with the comment, green indicates that a it agreed with it, and yellow reflects an in-between situation.

In the "Commentor reply" column, red indicates the commenter objected to the WG resolution, green indicates approval, and yellow means the commenter didn't respond to the request for feedback.

CommentorCommentWorking Group decisionCommentor reply
LC-2995 Oscar Cao <oscar.cao@live.com> (archived comment)
I think the choice of words selected to replace 'web page' ('document' and 'program') is not the best choice of words to use. I believe the word 'screen' is much more appropriate. As we are already using that word and it is used in every software development practice and not just websites/web apps. In addition, the choice to use 'software program' I believe is too large of a unit to measure.

Proposed Change:
use the word 'screen' and/or 'set of screens' for defining the unit of measure.
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