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Open Actions

There are 6 open actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-46 (edit) open Write wiki page detailing all the issues with login and logout Henry Story 2011-10-17
ACTION-55 (edit) open Look into seeing if DANE fits into spec Henry Story 2013-02-08 keyassure
ACTION-58 (edit) open Contact Nathan and see whether action-57 satisfies issue-18 Henry Story 2013-02-08
ACTION-62 (edit) open Rewrite issue-75 to put it in terms of 2 URIs one naming the document and one naming the person Henry Story 2013-03-01
ACTION-8 (edit) open Automatically generate the WebID implementation report wiki page Henry Story 2013-03-15
ACTION-63 (edit) open Send out new teleconf doodle Henry Story 2013-03-15

Open Issues

There are 31 open issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-2 (edit)
RAISED Explore the role of Issuer Alternative Names in WebIDs 2011-01-27 WebID-authn-TLS-spec 0
ISSUE-3 (edit) RAISED Explore Large scale TLS WebID installation issues 2011-01-27 WebID-authn-TLS-spec 0
ISSUE-4 (edit)
RAISED Detail Authorization "protocol" using WebID 2011-01-27 0
ISSUE-5 (edit)
OPEN Follow Work in publishing keys in DNSSEC - DANE 2011-01-27 User Interface/Browsers 1
ISSUE-7 (edit)
OPEN Move esw wiki contents? 2011-01-28 wiki 0
ISSUE-8 (edit)
RAISED US (Commerce Department?) ID initiative 2011-01-28 liaison with other groups 0
ISSUE-9 (edit)
OPEN Develop WebID Test Suite 2011-01-29 WebID-authn-TLS-spec 0
ISSUE-12 (edit)
RAISED Proof of WebID protocol 2011-01-30 WebID-authn-TLS-spec 0
ISSUE-13 (edit)
RAISED Develop a logic of trust 2011-01-30 research 0
ISSUE-25 (edit)
RAISED List of semweb related papers 2011-02-02 research 0
ISSUE-27 (edit)
RAISED track electronic IDentity (eID) initivatives 2011-02-08 liaison with other groups 0
ISSUE-29 (edit)
RAISED WebID prehistory 2011-02-14 research 0
ISSUE-30 (edit)
RAISED What does WebID need to work with the SAML world? 2011-02-14 Identity-Interoperability 0
ISSUE-32 (edit)
RAISED WebIDs with IP addresses 2011-02-15 WebID-authn-TLS-spec 0
ISSUE-46 (edit) RAISED Signing the profile document 2011-02-22 research 0
ISSUE-47 (edit) RAISED WebID and ACLs 2011-02-22 liaison with other groups 0
ISSUE-49 (edit) RAISED Keep a list of implementations of WebId up to date 2011-02-26 implementations 0
ISSUE-52 (edit)
RAISED WebID and the Freedom Box 2011-03-13 liaison with other groups 0
ISSUE-53 (edit) OPEN WebID and OpenId 2011-03-15 Identity-Interoperability 0
ISSUE-54 (edit)
RAISED relation between X509 certificates and WebID 2011-04-18 WebID-authn-TLS-spec 0
ISSUE-56 (edit)
RAISED track current key generation mechanisms & proposals 2011-04-24 research 0
ISSUE-57 (edit)
RAISED Salmon and WebID 2011-05-09 Identity-Interoperability 0
ISSUE-58 (edit)
OPEN Login/Logout behavior 2011-09-15 User Interface/Browsers 0
ISSUE-62 (edit)
OPEN null certificate_authorities list 2011-11-18 WebID-authn-TLS-spec 0
ISSUE-64 (edit)
OPEN Redirects 2011-11-25 WebID-authn-TLS-spec 0
ISSUE-67 (edit)
RAISED Ontology for expired keys 2012-10-01 Ontologies 0
ISSUE-68 (edit)
OPEN privacy considerations section 2012-10-19 WebID-authn-TLS-spec 0
ISSUE-70 (edit)
OPEN Decide if WebIDs should(not) be constrained to URIs with hashFragments 2012-11-23 WebID-conceptual-spec 0
ISSUE-72 (edit)
OPEN privacy consideration section in Definition Spec 2013-02-01 WebID-conceptual-spec 0
ISSUE-73 (edit)
OPEN Security section in the Definition Spec 2013-02-01 WebID-conceptual-spec 0
ISSUE-75 (edit)
RAISED dereferencing process must be well defined 2013-02-18 WebID-conceptual-spec 0

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