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ACTION-8 (edit) open Automatically generate the WebID implementation report wiki page Henry Story 2013-03-15
ACTION-46 (edit) open Write wiki page detailing all the issues with login and logout Henry Story 2011-10-17
ACTION-54 (edit) open Turn WAC into a real process Andrei Sambra 2013-02-01
ACTION-55 (edit) open Look into seeing if DANE fits into spec Henry Story 2013-02-08 keyassure
ACTION-57 (edit) open Remove redundant sections from, based on content of ; former doc to then become Andrei Sambra 2013-02-08 ISSUE-18
ACTION-58 (edit) open Contact Nathan and see whether action-57 satisfies issue-18 Henry Story 2013-02-08
ACTION-60 (edit) open Move webid tls spec to branch according to vote results Stéphane Corlosquet 2013-02-08
ACTION-61 (edit) open Rename the products to something reasonable Ted Thibodeau 2013-02-08
ACTION-62 (edit) open Rewrite issue-75 to put it in terms of 2 URIs one naming the document and one naming the person Henry Story 2013-03-01
ACTION-63 (edit) open Send out new teleconf doodle Henry Story 2013-03-15

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