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ACTION-1 (edit) closed Test trackbot Tim Berners-Lee 2011-02-01
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Learn Trackbot and Zakim by today Henry Story 2011-01-25
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Look into mercurial and how mercurial and git interact Stéphane Corlosquet 2011-02-21
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Redirect to Michael Hausenblas 2011-02-01
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Check meeting time on mailing list Henry Story 2011-02-01
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Move bugs form old github db to our web bug database Stéphane Corlosquet 2011-02-21
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Create draft doc for use cases Nathan Rixham 2011-02-21
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Explore test case options Henry Story 2011-02-21
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Explain how to contribute to the WebID spec Stéphane Corlosquet 2011-02-21
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Propose F2F meeting Michael Hausenblas 2011-02-21
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Start a wiki page detailing vocabulary of terminology for us to use in discussion Jeff Sayre 2011-02-21
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Check whether SIP is possible without telefone connection Henry Story 2011-02-28
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Add sequence diagram to spec via git Henry Story 2011-02-28
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Start Architecture document in hg Reto Bachmann-Gmür 2011-02-28 meaningOfLife
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Look into us joining Identity Commons Henry Story 2011-02-28
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Cross reference SocialWeb XG stories with WebID XG. There will be a handful of intersections that make sense to further develop Jeff Sayre 2011-06-30
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Weekly Report: last two weekly reports, does something need to be done? Henry Story 2011-02-28
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Do a doodle for berlin Henry Story 2011-03-14
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Find out how to set actions to be default of 2 weeks Nathan Rixham 2011-03-14
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Make position paper for California paper, formulate messaging Henry Story 2011-03-29
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Have biweelkly unformal meeting Henry Story 2011-03-29
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Start a position paper for Identity in the browser workshop Jeff Sayre 2011-04-11
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Follow up on Berlin conference Henry Story 2011-04-11
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Find out about logging on w3 irc servers and organize something Nathan Rixham 2011-04-11
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Move meetings one hour earlier Henry Story 2011-05-09
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Will make clear every two weeks that it is formal Henry Story 2011-05-09
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Find a list of cheap hostels in Berlin Henry Story 2011-05-09
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Inquire about Berlin paper status Henry Story 2011-05-30
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Wiki page for tests Henry Story 2011-06-27
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Lead on rdfa-izing the cert/rsa ontologies Dominik Tomaszuk 2011-09-28
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Create apache issue on more flexible certificate access Thomas Bergwinkl 2011-07-11
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Write a small wiki page on ldap protocol answering the questions: what is the schema for publc key in ldap, what dereferencing methods are there + section of links to implementations and small explanation. Ted Thibodeau 2011-07-11
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Add domel's patch Henry Story 2011-07-18
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Add UML diagram from to spec Henry Story 2011-07-18
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Htmlize the ontologies Dominik Tomaszuk 2011-09-26
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Publish dome's html ontology to the cert namespace Henry Story 2011-08-01
ACTION-38 (edit) closed review domel's new ontology - ontology direction Henry Story 2011-08-15
ACTION-39 (edit) closed create rdfa version for EARL test ontology Dominik Tomaszuk 2011-09-19 bblfish
ACTION-40 (edit) closed update dome;s spec changes from github - with new rdf/xml example Henry Story 2011-10-03
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Research RDFa in HTML forms Henry Story 2011-10-10
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Write sparql query for ping back form Henry Story 2011-10-10
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Send mail and add entry to wiki page for the state of Drupal WebID component, so that others can join and help out Stéphane Corlosquet 2011-10-17
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Update rdf in in* Henry Story 2011-10-17
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Vote on hasPublicKey, publicKey, pubKey Henry Story 2011-10-17
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Put forward 1 of the raised issued every 3 days approximately for discussion in view of closure Henry Story 2011-10-24
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Jürgen Jakobitsch to put up thesaurus wiki available to team Henry Story 2011-11-05 Glossary
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Explain on the wiki how to request a client certificate after the TLS session has been started on Apache Thomas Bergwinkl 2011-11-28
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Fix respec.js errors in the spec Stéphane Corlosquet 2011-11-28
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Explain on the wiki how to configure WebID on Apache Tomcat Sergio Fernández 2011-12-02 wiki
ACTION-52 (edit) closed cert:key as IFP Henry Story 2012-01-11 Ontologies
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Create do open issue in database, and create page on security Andrei Sambra 2013-02-01 security-definition
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Fix spec due to movement of w3c behind https Henry Story 2013-02-08
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Adapt definition within spec to the results of vote Andrei Sambra 2013-02-08

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