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Favorite Use Cases List

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This is a table of use cases that may be used to drive the priorities for the SSN.

Rather than exhaustively construct and prioritize complete use cases, the idea is to quickly identify the most important ones to the team, at least in broad form. Then if we need to describe some of them in more detail, we can do that.

Most use cases reference the source from which they were drawn.

To Complete

To enter your vote for a particular entry as being important for the SSN ontology to support, add a "+1:" and your initials to the Votes column.

To enter a new use case, review the list of possible use cases, at the bottom of the page, to see if it might already be there. Copy and paste the row of your choice, and edit it to include the correct ID, make your vote the first, and if necessary to correct the description and add a reference.

If no original source exists for this use case, considering adding your own description on a separate wiki page.

Use Cases Receiving Votes

ID Name Description Source Votes
1 Device discovery: general Find device(s) that meet given criteria MMI UC 10 +1:jbg +1:wdk +1:rgc +1:klt +1:vpm +1:ah +1:rga +1:cah +1:mjc +1:hn +1:mh
2 Data discovery: geospatiotemporal Find data meeting certain criteria (e.g. temp + geo-temporal constraints

+1:wdk +1:rgc +1:klt +1:kj +1:ah +1:cah +1:mjc +1:krp +1:mh

3 Data discovery: sensor type Find data from a particular type of sensor MMI UC 1

+1:ah +1:cah +1:hn +1:mh

4 Device classification: function Classify devices according to functionality. MMI UC 2

+1:klt +1:ah +1:cah

5 Provide context: provenance Learn about data context from sensor information MMI UC 11
OOI Conops p11

+1:klt +1:ah +1:hn +1:krp

6 Device operation: diagnosis Diagnose a device's status/problems from its behavior and description (ex: SWAMO Project, Underbrink)

+1:vpm +1:ah +1:rga

7 Device operation: tasking Command a device's operation using its description

+1:klt +1:ah +1:mjc

8 Device discovery: output Find devices that can produce certain output variables MMI UC 4
OOI Conops p11


9 Device discovery: measurable Find devices that can measure certain real-world properties. MMI UC 5

+1:ah +1:cah

10 Device discovery: phenomena/blended Find devices that can measure a phenomenon or measurable, or produce a given output. MMI UC 13


11 Dataset discovery: general Find data sets meeting certain criteria (inc. temporal + geo-spatial constraints) SSG4Env D7.1 (see example on pag. 38)


12 Sensor classification Classify a given sensor using a hierarchy of sensor types. (For SSN-XG it would also mean to define such a hierarchy of sensor types or to specify an existing one.)


13 Derived Sensors Specify and orchestrate (or automatically search and compose) sensors as compositions of sensors and processing units (including converting types or units of measurement as appropriate).

+1:mjc +1:hn

Candidate Use Cases

ID Name Description Source Votes
# System operation: event analysis Evaluate hypotheses for explaining anomalous sensor readings Machine reasoning about anomalous sensor data


# Device documentation: vocabulary Map device concepts to standard or reference vocabulary(ies) example vocab: Int'l Vocab of Metrology/VIM


# Device discovery: host type Find out devices that can be deployed from given platform. MMI UC 3


# Device discovery: format Find devices that can supply data in the expected format MMI UC 6


# Device discovery: control Find devices that can support given commands OOI Instr Life Cycle p6


# Device discovery: method Identify devices that operate via a given method MMI UC 7


# Device documentation: inferred keywords Specifying Equipment summary metadata by inference MMI UC 12


# name description MMI UC 1


Vote results

The winners of the vote on the Reference Use Cases.