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Reference Use Cases

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Original list

These are the winners of the vote on the Favorite Use Cases List. As we decided to have 4 use cases as reference (see http://www.w3.org/2009/09/23-SSN-irc#T20-49-25) and 4 were on 4th place (having 3 votes), the one having 3 votes first was selected as No.4; please feel free to comment on this.

4th use case

We have found that the ontologies modules required to document and analyse the sensor outputs for provenance management or for the diagnosis of errors/quality control are more centered on the sensor ability to sense than the ones that are require to task or program a sensor or sensor networks where external factors having an impact on the operation of the sensors are important.

So it is important to identify a fourth use case as an important one and document it, even partially.