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Use case process details

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Use Case template

For questions or discussion about the use case template and about creating use cases, leave comments on the Talk:Use_Case_Template tab of the template.

To organize the use cases, we will use the Topics and/or Dimensions (still under discussion).

Gathering process

There are two parallel processes (see mail with pointers to relevant efforts):

1. Launching a public call for use case. That was done for the SKOS Use cases leading to this report.

Here the XG members in charge of the UC effort act more as editors. This was also the process for the Semantic Web Education and Outreach group Use cases (see submission form)

2. "In-house" effort:

  • having XG members hunt and write down potential UCs by themselves

This is what was done by the Provenance XG Use cases, guided by an initial gathering of what the technical issues there. This is the road apparently also taken by the eGov UCs and the social web UCs

Old templates

Discussion at http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-lld/2010Jun/0032.html

Call to send to external contributors

Mailing lists to send the call to

Poll for volunteers

  • Contributing cases: jneubert, GordonD, jyoung4, Antoine, Ed, ww, Tod, Oreste
  • Editing cases: Jodi, Emmanuelle