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Use Cases

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Proposed Use Case Dimensions

The group identified a set of key issues in provenance. These dimensions will be used to guide the group in terms of assessing coverage of use cases.

Template for Use Cases

Use cases follow the Use Case Template and guidelines for curation of use cases. Note that this is not a MediaWiki template, just a structure to be copied. For those interested, the rationale for template used can be found here.

Original Use Cases Proposed

Below are the initial use cases gathered by this incubator group. The cases were reviewed by a selected team of curators. This list is included here for the record. An organization and merging of use cases was developed based on this original list and is shown in the next section.

Use cases pending:

  • Ian Oliver: expressing provenance
  • Bertram Ludaescher: scientific workflow
  • Michael Panzer: digital library
  • Raphael Troncy: multimedia metadata
  • Deborah McGuinness: text analytics
  • Deborah McGuinness: combining proofs
  • Deborah McGuinness: improving decision processes
  • Jim McCuskey: closures for multiple provenance graphs
  • Lalana Kagal: private data
  • Satya Sahoo: multiple hypotheses

Other provenance-related use cases captured elsewhere include:

Actions Taken on Use Cases

The table below explains the rationale for how the original use cases proposed by the group were used and which ones were merged or further edited.

Identifier Description Curated? Action
differences Result Differences Yes Used as exemplar for Comparison dimension
anonymous Anonymous Information Merge with "privacy" use case to illustrate Dissemination dimension
quality Information Quality Assessment for Linked Data Yes Merge relevant pieces into "timeliness", "assessment", and "unreliability" use cases, since this one is not really a use case in itself
timeliness Timeliness Yes Use as exemplar for the Publication dimension
assessment Simple Trustworthiness Assessment Yes Use as exemplar for the Trust dimension
unreliablility Ignoring Unreliable Data Yes Merge with "assessment" use case to illustrate the Trust dimension
domain Answering user queries that require semantically annotated provenance Yes Use as exemplar for the Understanding dimension
biomedicine Provenance in Biomedicine Yes Merge into "domain" use case to illustrate Understanding dimension
experiments Closure of Experimental Metadata Use as exemplar for Access dimensions
reproducibility Experimental Reproducibility Analysis Merge with "differences" use case to illustrate Commonality dimension
biospecimens Locating Biospecimens With Sufficient Quality Needs to be generalized as it is too application specific as currently written, then use as exemplar for Process dimension
products Using process provenance for assessing the quality of Information products Merge into assessment use case to illustrate Trust dimension
blogs Provenance Tracking in the Blogosphere Yes Use as exemplar for the Scale dimension
tweets Provenance of a Tweet Use as exemplar for Versioning dimension
privacy Provenance and Private Data Use Yes Use as exemplar for Dissemination dimension
emergency Provenance of Decision Making in Emergency Response Use as exemplar for Imperfections dimension
collections Provenance of Collections vs Objects in Cultural Heritage Use as exemplar for Attribution dimension
granularity Provenance at different levels in Cultural Heritage Use as exemplar for Understanding dimension
associations Identifying attribution and associations Use as exemplar for Trust dimension
compliance Determining Compliance with a License Yes Use as exemplar for Accountability dimension
axioms Documenting axiom formulation Use as exemplar for Entailment dimension
policy Evidence for public policy Yes Use as exemplar for Justification dimension
engineering Evidence for engineering design Yes Use as exemplar for Dissemination dimension
contracts Fulfilling Contractual Obligations Yes Use as exemplar for Accountability dimension
versions Attribution for a versioned document Yes Use as exemplar for the Attribution dimension
environment Provenance for Environmental Marine Data Yes Use as exemplar for Entailment dimension, needs to be modified to emphasize that aspect
crosswalk Crosswalk Maintenance Use as exemplar for the Debugging dimension
merging Metadata Merging Use as exemplar for the Interoperability dimension
bug Hidden Bug Yes Use as exemplar for the Debugging dimension

Exemplifying Provenance Dimensions with Use Cases

The table below shows two major exemplar use cases to illustrate each of the provenance dimensions. Each use case is relevant to several dimensions, which is indicated in the description of the use case.

Dimensions Exemplar Use Case 1 Exemplar Use Case 2
Attribution collections versions
Process biospecimens
Versioning tweets
Justification policy
Entailment environment axioms
Publication timeliness
Access experiments
Dissemination privacy engineering
Scale blogs
Understanding domain granularity
Interoperability merging
Comparison differences
Accountability contracts compliance
Trust associations assessment
Imperfections emergency
Debugging crosswalk bug