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Ronald Reck


Adapted from here. Any errors caused in that adaptation are the fault of Simon Miles.


To provide information without being the attributed source or "whistle blower".

Use Case Scenario

Alice takes her child to the doctor for a cold. The doctor recommends a routine test. Later, Alice discovers the routine test was not so routine after all, as it was to rule out the possibility swine flu, a recent epidemic. Alice feels that the doctor misrepresented the test, and wants to share this with her friends, but is reluctant to do so, since casting the doctor in a negative light can have repercussions in her care at a later time. The information is made available to a network of people (Alice's friends) without the exact source of that information being made apparent.

Problems and Limitations

A user feels important information should be shared, but is reluctant to share if the information is attributed to them.