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The W3C Guidebook (Member-only) includes instructions for XG Chairs and Participants on matters such as scheduling a meeting, requesting site editing privileges, and more.

Members should contact Coralie Mercier, Incubator Activity Lead, with any questions they have before submitting the XG charter.


The first steps for creating a W3C Incubator Group (XG) are:


The W3C Team evaluates the suitability of the charter proposal. Consultation with the initiating Members may occur if needed. A suitable proposed charter is one that:

Within two weeks of receiving the last confirmation of support from the authors, the Team notifies the initiating Members on of one of three possible outcomes:

The Team should consult the Team-Internal Process for XG Approval.

Announcement of New XG

Once the Team has informed the initiating Members that the charter has been approved, within two business days the Team will:

  1. Create the Web site infrastructure for the new group (Web pages, mailing lists, relevant forms for participants to join, editing permissions for XG Chair(s)) and send the relevant information to the initiating Members.
  2. Announce the new Incubator Group to the Membership on and and send a Call for Participation.
  3. Announce the new Incubator Group on the W3C home page

Joining an XG

The Team sends a Call for Participation in a new XG with instructions for joining the group and, when required by the charter, making licensing statements. In addition to joining the group, participants will need to subscribe to the Member-only and public mailing lists for the group; participants can also find instructions on their XG home page.

An individual not employed by a W3C Member may be invited by an XG Chair to participate as an Invited Expert, in accordance with W3C's policy for approval of Invited Experts.

First Meeting

Members must be given at least one week after Team approval of the proposal before the first meeting of the new XG. Discussion on the XG's mailing lists may start as soon as the lists are established.

Changes to an XG Charter

Refinements to an XG Charter may be made by the XG on a consensus basis during the first month of operation. Only those changes that propose to alter significantly the scope or method of work must first be cleared with the Activity Lead.

Coralie Mercier, Incubator Activity Lead
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