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Welcome to the Decisions & Decision-Making Incubator Activity

The mission of the Decisions and Decision-Making Incubator Group, part of the Incubator Activity, is to determine the requirements, use cases, and a representation of decisions and decision-making in a collaborative and networked environment suitable for leading to a potential standard for decision exchange, shared situational awareness, and measurement of the speed, effectiveness, and human factors of decision-making.

What's New

  • The next meeting of the Decision Incubator is Thursday, Mar 24, 2011 10am EST: We will review the draft of our final report and prepare for our final meeting on April 7 where we will approve our final report. We will also do a final review of our draft working group charter for forward to W3C staff for consideration.
  • The last Decision Incubator Meeting was Thursday, Mar 10, 2011 10am EST. Here are the Agenda and Minutes.


Meetings, Schedule, Tools and Training, References, Charter, Participants,

Incubator Guide,


Where We're Headed: Deliverables

The group will maintain this wiki site containing relevant information. The deliverables will be a final report, a potential standard ontology, examples, and potentially prototype tools using the ontology. In case the group decides that a particular technology is ripe for further standardization at the W3C, the group will consider preparing a W3C member submission and/or propose a W3C group charter to be considered by the W3C.

Getting Started: Outline of Final Report

Please feel free to begin work by editing any of these pages. We will continue to expand and refine these sections of the final report as we proceed through the year. Each section title in the Outline is a link to a wiki page for that section. Some introductory sentences from the corresponding section page are included below for each section as a motivational preview.


The W3C Decisions and Decision-Making Incubator Activity will identify requirements for a standard decision format, through a set of use cases, and develop a first version of a potential standard format for representing decisions ...

Background and Need

Everyone makes important decisions in the daily accomplishment of their duties, but do we document, track, manage and share those decisions effectively?

The aggregate of individual decisions constitutes the current state of our organization, and charts the course for our future direction and progress ...

Related Work and State of the Art

The work of the incubator is based on current standards and state of the art technologies. This section presents those relevant technologies, and recent research in the field of decision making and decision support.


Use Cases


Decision Components And Patterns

What are the primary components of a decision? For our purposes, we are interested in a decision format capable of representing a generic decision, independent of any particular domain, and we'd like the format to be relatively concise and understandable to a wide audience...

Issues & Challenges

Issue: we need to build a format that can be useful both for simple use-cases as well as more complex ones (e.g. involving reasoning) Proposal: We build a highly modular ontology, where you can reuse different components depending on your needs and requirements on complexity and detail. For example,...

Ontological Patterns & Solutions

Sample Decision Ontology

Representation Formats


Candidate Tools for Instrumentation



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