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Decision Incubator Schedule

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Although Incubator activities last for one year, the incubator will follow an iterative approach so that products will be available in draft form early on and evolve. The Decision Incubator's lifetime is from April 2010 to March 2011. The group's deliverables will be available on the wiki

Timeline for the group activities for the first 6 months in 2 week increments. Use cases, issues, challenges, opportunities and representation formats will be reviewed at each meeting, with selected focus items on each date. The mentioned focus items will be worked on the wiki and reviewed on the specified date:

  • April 1: Review of Schedule and Final Report Outline -- Rough XML Representation (Version 0)
  • April 15: Draft Use Cases
  • April 29: RDF Representation (Version 1)
  • May 13: Examples Satisfying Use Cases & Apply Patterns & Utilize Existing Standards
  • May 27: Interoperability Exploration in Testbed
  • Jun 10: Revise RDF Representation (Version 2)
  • Jun 24:
  • Jul 08:
  • Jul 22: