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Long description of Figure 6: Single node data binding in ODF

Using the ODT output described in Figure 5 Expenses summarized and reported in Open Document Text (ODT) format, Figure 6 illustrates how a specific instance of underlying data in the ODT output:


The highlighted item in the ODT output is bound to a section of the figure labeled "ODF Form Text Fields", which contains two ODF form text fields: "Food" and "Travel". The snippet of code described above is bound to the "Travel" form text field; following the "Travel" form text field is another snippet of underlying markup:

<form:text id="C_travel"
bind="travel_bind" />

The "Travel" form text field is bound to a section containing the following snippet of code:

<bind id="travel_bind" nodeset="travel" />

Which, in turn, is bound to the final section of Figure 6, which contains the XML-fragment:


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