ISSUE-17: URI encoding of <att>cdbase</att>/<att>cd</att>/<att>name</att> triplet

URI encoding

URI encoding of <att>cdbase</att>/<att>cd</att>/<att>name</att> triplet

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Ron Ausbrooks
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<p>The URI encoding of the triplet we propose here does not work (not yet for
MathMLCDs and not at all for OpenMath2 CDs). The URI reference proposed uses a bare
name pointer <code>#Christoffel</code> at the end, which points to the element that
has and <code>ID</code>-type attribute with value <code>Christoffel</code>, which is
not present in either of these formats. Moreover, it does not scale well with
extended CD formats like the OMDoc 1.8 format currently under development</p>
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