Input for Agenda Planning for the Math Working Group

This is the view of actions grouped by issues ordered by due dates; see also the view of issues groups by products.

Action Items Pending Review

There are 2 pending review actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-204 (edit) pending review Pass the document on to daniel. Bert Bos 2015-03-12
ACTION-206 (edit) pending review Create an empty directory under w3c organization on github Bert Bos 2015-12-10

Overdue action items

There are 172 overdue actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) open Add linebreakstyle attribute to the math element Neil Soiffer 2007-08-16
ACTION-2 (edit) open Finish number text Stephen Watt 2007-08-30
ACTION-5 (edit) open Draft a presentation conversion for numbers Paul Libbrecht 2007-09-06
ACTION-7 (edit) open And Stephane: to tighten up ch 5 to be more declarative. Paul Libbrecht 2007-09-20
ACTION-19 (edit) open check copyright issues, Olga Caprotti 2008-01-24
ACTION-21 (edit) open Revise roadmap Patrick D F Ion 2008-01-24
ACTION-22 (edit) open Contact CDF Patrick D F Ion 2008-03-27
ACTION-26 (edit) open Will extract the example from ch3 and put them in that format David Carlisle 2008-05-08
ACTION-28 (edit) open Will investigate test frameworks Patrick D F Ion 2008-05-08
ACTION-29 (edit) open Produce test files by converting pragmatic tests to strict tests David Carlisle 2008-05-08
ACTION-31 (edit) open Will get back to with Azzeddine and do Bidi test Bruce Miller 2008-05-15
ACTION-32 (edit) open Will extract the examples from Chap3, and such that dleta is clear David Carlisle 2008-05-15
ACTION-33 (edit) open And Neil will put this on the wiki Robert Miner 2008-06-19
ACTION-34 (edit) open Post to the public Math list the question Neil Soiffer 2008-06-26
ACTION-35 (edit) open Write Azzeddine in French to help him check in the results that AL already has Paul Libbrecht 2008-07-17
ACTION-36 (edit) open Post renewal request text draft this afternoon Patrick D F Ion 2008-07-17
ACTION-37 (edit) open Will work on a better front page Patrick D F Ion 2008-08-07
ACTION-38 (edit) open Make a proposal Robert Miner 2008-08-21
ACTION-39 (edit) open Do new ch4 schem draft David Carlisle 2008-09-04
ACTION-40 (edit) open Update ch2 on "reduced implementations" Patrick D F Ion 2008-10-30
ACTION-41 (edit) open Do something about semantics description in chapter 4/5 Michael Kohlhase 2008-10-30
ACTION-42 (edit) open Add a clause to warn implementors so that unsafe formats are protected about. Paul Libbrecht 2008-10-30
ACTION-43 (edit) open Do the change which is accepted Paul Libbrecht 2008-10-30
ACTION-44 (edit) open Make wording sufficiently vague so that it allows the line-height of neighbours to be adjusted automatically. Neil Soiffer 2008-10-31
ACTION-45 (edit) open Add maxwidth attribute to math element, default 100%. (check Bruce's mind). lineabreak on invisible times? leave UAs free. Neil Soiffer 2008-10-31
ACTION-46 (edit) open Mail sysreq warning of the complexity of the pub request; David Carlisle 2008-11-13
ACTION-47 (edit) open Request pub of spec dated 14 Nov with the understanding that the MIME questions are finished David Carlisle 2008-11-13
ACTION-48 (edit) open And Neil to explain the <mrow> ordering aka precedence view Robert Miner 2008-11-20
ACTION-50 (edit) open Push for a decision this week Stephen Watt 2008-11-27
ACTION-52 (edit) open Go full steam ahead with this development David Carlisle 2009-02-05
ACTION-53 (edit) open Do a wiki of the Detailed Forms proposal Neil Soiffer 2009-02-19
ACTION-54 (edit) open Report on the stat of Ch 5 and 6 Sam Dooley 2009-03-05
ACTION-55 (edit) open Will examine of there is any impact on the Operator Dictionary from line-breaking changes Robert Miner 2009-03-05
ACTION-56 (edit) open Make sure that the language allowing href everyhwere gets in Robert Miner 2009-04-16
ACTION-57 (edit) open Add the fuller <maction> specification language Neil Soiffer 2009-04-16
ACTION-58 (edit) open Add language to Chap 6 and the appendice for 3 type requests Paul Libbrecht 2009-04-16
ACTION-59 (edit) open Try and setup a Skype call with Michael before he3 goes on vacation Robert Miner 2009-04-16
ACTION-60 (edit) open Do final clipboard and MIME editing Paul Libbrecht 2009-04-30
ACTION-61 (edit) open Edit the rest of Ch 6 Robert Miner 2009-04-30
ACTION-62 (edit) open Edit ch 4 intro Robert Miner 2009-05-07
ACTION-63 (edit) open Turn mainly to the Schema David Carlisle 2009-05-07
ACTION-64 (edit) open Will set this call up and advertise it Robert Miner 2009-05-07
ACTION-66 (edit) open Will make a wiki page on tsi and then poll Robert Miner 2009-05-21
ACTION-67 (edit) open And Patrick to finish up the WD submission Robert Miner 2009-06-04
ACTION-68 (edit) open Update the text of mpadded Sam Dooley 2009-06-25
ACTION-69 (edit) open Draft text in Ch33 for mfenced. We will revisit once Neil is back Robert Miner 2009-07-02
ACTION-70 (edit) open Make graphics (typographic diagrams with baseline, etc) Robert Miner 2009-07-02
ACTION-71 (edit) open Edit in the new 7.7. Patrick D F Ion 2009-07-02
ACTION-72 (edit) open Create F.2 Robert Miner 2009-07-02
ACTION-73 (edit) open Break up the Chapter 4 reviewing tasks on the wiki Robert Miner 2009-07-02
ACTION-74 (edit) open Re-checkin his changes to Linear Algebra Patrick D F Ion 2009-07-02
ACTION-75 (edit) open Edit in comments from ANanth, Ron, and Olga on Chaps 0,1,2 Patrick D F Ion 2009-07-02
ACTION-76 (edit) open And Patrick to provide a schedule Jun-Spe 2009 Robert Miner 2009-07-02
ACTION-77 (edit) open And Patrick to get a phone number from Stephen for the conference call and W3C if necessity Robert Miner 2009-07-09
ACTION-78 (edit) open Pre-emptively reserve a slot on Zakim Patrick D F Ion 2009-07-09
ACTION-79 (edit) open Will finish his diagram suite Robert Miner 2009-07-09
ACTION-80 (edit) open Will make changes as sketched above David Carlisle 2009-07-30
ACTION-81 (edit) open Should modify graphic for tensors in chap 3 Neil Soiffer 2009-08-20
ACTION-82 (edit) open Modify operator dictionary as per discussion Neil Soiffer 2009-08-20
ACTION-84 (edit) open Reword text in Dennis Leas 2009-08-20
ACTION-87 (edit) open Remove the spaces in the examples for mpadded in Ch3 (only 4 of them) Dennis Leas 2009-09-03
ACTION-88 (edit) open Remove spaces in Ch 2 examples, and add deprecating text Patrick D F Ion 2009-09-03
ACTION-89 (edit) open Finsh Ch 7.7 on special characters Patrick D F Ion 2009-09-03
ACTION-91 (edit) open Edits in some of Bruce's stuff etc in Ch4; it still needs review Robert Miner 2009-09-03
ACTION-92 (edit) open Will try that this week David Carlisle 2009-09-03
ACTION-94 (edit) open Poll webapps developers and tell us what the consensus seems to be Murray Sargent 2009-09-10
ACTION-95 (edit) open Recontact Susan Westhaver over TPAC and F2F Patrick D F Ion 2009-09-10
ACTION-96 (edit) open Edit with Patrick's help for next Thursday call Giorgi Chavchanidze 2009-10-01
ACTION-97 (edit) open Send the LC note to Chairs and requests Patrick D F Ion 2009-10-08
ACTION-98 (edit) open Find the cases that have been changed Neil Soiffer 2009-10-08
ACTION-99 (edit) open Will undertake the wordsmithing Sam Dooley 2009-10-15
ACTION-100 (edit) open Will do the rewording Bruce Miller 2009-11-09
ACTION-101 (edit) open Post to list that no changes planned for 7.5 Sam Dooley 2009-11-09
ACTION-102 (edit) open And David to add more "stretchy" attrs to arrow like operators in the Operator dict Neil Soiffer 2009-11-09
ACTION-103 (edit) open Resolve his comment on media types Paul Libbrecht 2009-11-09
ACTION-104 (edit) open Resolve what happens for mscarries as last line Neil Soiffer 2009-11-09
ACTION-105 (edit) open Look at maybe modifying schema to disallow if easy David Carlisle 2009-11-09
ACTION-106 (edit) open Fix/resolve mscarries example Neil Soiffer 2009-11-09
ACTION-107 (edit) open Craft text for bidi clarification Bruce Miller 2009-11-09
ACTION-108 (edit) open Create such a lax schema David Carlisle 2009-11-09
ACTION-110 (edit) open Edit text in to cover additional special cases Sam Dooley 2009-11-09
ACTION-111 (edit) open Is to try and get prospective codes for the Arabic math and then Murray Sargent 2009-11-10
ACTION-112 (edit) open Extract tests from the spec David Carlisle 2009-11-10
ACTION-113 (edit) open Fix the broken test as on the wiki mape Neil Soiffer 2009-11-10
ACTION-114 (edit) open Produce new images for tests Neil Soiffer 2009-11-10
ACTION-115 (edit) open Do the other parts of linebreaKING Neil Soiffer 2009-11-10
ACTION-116 (edit) open And Mohamed to help correcting the bid i stuff Azzeddine Lazrek 2009-11-10
ACTION-117 (edit) open And his student can supply some Paul Libbrecht 2009-11-10
ACTION-118 (edit) open Help Arabic as well Bruce Miller 2009-11-10
ACTION-119 (edit) open Will check in a block for strict Content markup by converting the Content test to David Carlisle 2009-11-10
ACTION-120 (edit) open Will ask Paul to find out what is going on Neil Soiffer 2009-11-10
ACTION-121 (edit) open Link tpo raw irc minutes David Carlisle 2009-11-19
ACTION-122 (edit) open Look at modifying 6.4 and redrafting html response David Carlisle 2009-11-19
ACTION-123 (edit) open Will put text from the request into the spec Patrick D F Ion 2009-12-10
ACTION-124 (edit) open Embed the available tests into the testing framework for reporting Giorgi Chavchanidze 2009-12-24
ACTION-125 (edit) open Will add an explanatory phrase Neil Soiffer 2010-01-14
ACTION-126 (edit) open Will correct the offending sentence and make two of it Bruce Miller 2010-01-14
ACTION-127 (edit) open Will edit menclose language along these lines Neil Soiffer 2010-01-14
ACTION-128 (edit) open Will make sure the spec is cleaned of diff marking. David Carlisle 2010-01-14
ACTION-129 (edit) open Will edit multiscripts language about directionality Bruce Miller 2010-01-14
ACTION-130 (edit) open And I will write to some more implementors to try to get them to implement it. Patrick D F Ion 2010-01-14
ACTION-131 (edit) open Draft a template Robert Miner 2010-02-18
ACTION-132 (edit) open Zip a file of Test Suite materials for Murray Neil Soiffer 2010-02-25
ACTION-133 (edit) open Work on getting Arabic character variant tests in Murray Sargent 2010-02-25
ACTION-134 (edit) open Press the matter of line-breaking implementation with his developers Murray Sargent 2010-02-25
ACTION-135 (edit) open Tpo finsih his pas over teh Presentation part of the Test Suite Sam Dooley 2010-02-25
ACTION-136 (edit) open Set up a call Robert Miner 2010-02-25
ACTION-137 (edit) open And Bruce will craft a sentence to add about shaping Murray Sargent 2010-03-04
ACTION-138 (edit) open Will chekc with Neil and Murray over this implementation. Robert Miner 2010-04-01
ACTION-139 (edit) open Will add the sentence in Chapter 2 Robert Miner 2010-04-01
ACTION-140 (edit) open And Patrick to put together extension request documents Robert Miner 2010-04-08
ACTION-141 (edit) open Update chapter 3 Neil Soiffer 2010-04-22
ACTION-142 (edit) open Regenerate schema David Carlisle 2010-04-22
ACTION-143 (edit) open Update chapter 3 and respond on www-math Neil Soiffer 2010-04-22
ACTION-144 (edit) open Clarify spec wrt mo stretching & alignment (does it to the whole, not to the core operator) Neil Soiffer 2010-04-22
ACTION-145 (edit) open Clarify behaviour of nested href Bruce Miller 2010-04-22
ACTION-146 (edit) open Do this Neil Soiffer 2010-04-29
ACTION-147 (edit) open And Neil will get the instructions to Mikhail Robert Miner 2010-05-13
ACTION-148 (edit) open Will find out what we need exactly to do Patrick D F Ion 2010-05-13
ACTION-149 (edit) open Will add the wording on maction as he proposed it Sam Dooley 2010-05-13
ACTION-150 (edit) open Propose changes to the interpretation of percent for indentation attributes Neil Soiffer 2010-05-20
ACTION-151 (edit) open Will fix and make sure it's noted in errata Robert Miner 2010-05-27
ACTION-152 (edit) open Willl fix up the operator dictionary in the ways discussed Neil Soiffer 2010-05-27
ACTION-153 (edit) open Will make the change and circulate it Neil Soiffer 2010-05-27
ACTION-154 (edit) open Will finish the change log Robert Miner 2010-06-10
ACTION-155 (edit) open Will do the front matter Patrick D F Ion 2010-06-10
ACTION-156 (edit) open Will work directly on the schema finsih; depending on what he says tonight we'll date the LC draft David Carlisle 2010-06-10
ACTION-157 (edit) open Will get Misha's result better incorporates Paul Libbrecht 2010-06-10
ACTION-158 (edit) open Will regenerate the sources of the strict tests (and mail the pointer of the new XSL around) Robert Miner 2010-06-10
ACTION-159 (edit) open Will see what can be done in revisiting the WIRIS tests Paul Libbrecht 2010-06-10
ACTION-160 (edit) open Send location of om2cmml David Carlisle 2010-06-17
ACTION-161 (edit) open Check PR requirements check-list Robert Miner 2010-06-17
ACTION-162 (edit) open Cloen LC Comments doc and get ready for LC2 comemnts Patrick D F Ion 2010-06-17
ACTION-163 (edit) open T will finish the public comments needed Robert Miner 2010-07-08
ACTION-164 (edit) open Will finish the Dispositions document Patrick D F Ion 2010-07-08
ACTION-165 (edit) open Apply for extension as a working group Robert Miner 2010-09-02
ACTION-166 (edit) open Prepare a request to Philippe for extension of the charter time for the WG. Patrick D F Ion 2010-09-23
ACTION-167 (edit) open Will send the WG encouragemnt to get testimonials Robert Miner 2010-09-30
ACTION-168 (edit) open Ask for information on the expected date forthe RECs before asking for extension. Patrick D F Ion 2010-09-30
ACTION-169 (edit) open And Robert will send note Patrick D F Ion 2011-02-24
ACTION-170 (edit) open Ask Bert to inquire about the formalities to continue as is. Patrick D F Ion 2012-01-12
ACTION-171 (edit) open Will adjust the wording of the spec accordingly to fix a gap in the algorithm David Carlisle 2012-08-09
ACTION-172 (edit) open Will make that happen. David Carlisle 2012-08-09
ACTION-173 (edit) open Will answer mentioning MathPlayer does both David Carlisle 2012-08-09
ACTION-174 (edit) open And Paul to do that Murray Sargent 2013-05-09
ACTION-175 (edit) open Contact Boeing AC Rep. Patrick D F Ion 2013-06-13
ACTION-176 (edit) open Will do a first pass on some changes in connection with HTML positioning to the current draft spec. David Carlisle 2013-07-25
ACTION-177 (edit) open Will consider further his proposal about putting some more defaults in CSS terms, and equation numbering. Murray Sargent 2013-07-25
ACTION-178 (edit) open Will continue the spec edits David Carlisle 2013-08-29
ACTION-179 (edit) open Will suggest text for the inclusion of the new <memclose> option for "phasor" Neil Soiffer 2013-08-29
ACTION-180 (edit) open Will propose text concerning global document properties for inclusion in chapter 2 Murray Sargent 2013-08-29
ACTION-181 (edit) open Will add prose using phasor angle. Neil Soiffer 2013-09-12
ACTION-182 (edit) open Add clarification that only radical and phasor-angle reverse Neil Soiffer 2013-09-12
ACTION-183 (edit) open Will make this tweak as well Neil Soiffer 2013-09-12
ACTION-184 (edit) open Change . . . to unicode dots character Neil Soiffer 2013-09-12
ACTION-185 (edit) open And neil will provide illustrations of the concepts in David Carlisle 2013-10-10
ACTION-186 (edit) open Will make the changes Neil Soiffer 2013-10-24
ACTION-187 (edit) open Will then fix what needs David Carlisle 2013-10-24
ACTION-188 (edit) open Will take up the issue again Murray Sargent 2013-11-07
ACTION-189 (edit) open Revise 6.4.2 and David Carlisle 2013-12-12
ACTION-190 (edit) open Will rescan operator dictionary this week Neil Soiffer 2014-01-16
ACTION-191 (edit) open Will update accordingly as required; from unicode.xml as corrections sent by neil et al. David Carlisle 2014-01-16
ACTION-193 (edit) open Will look at test suite results display David Carlisle 2014-01-16
ACTION-195 (edit) open Spearhead the discussion on the list, with a view to a possible wg note like that for units Neil Soiffer 2014-10-09
ACTION-197 (edit) open 1 page done, finish rest of site. Peter Krautzberger 2014-11-27
ACTION-198 (edit) open Do errata for prescripts David Carlisle 2014-11-27
ACTION-200 (edit) open Former participants list needs updating (eg from the mathml3 spec appendix) Peter Krautzberger 2015-01-15
ACTION-201 (edit) open Will look at iso japanese comments in relation o design science implementations Neil Soiffer 2015-02-12
ACTION-202 (edit) open Will look at iso japanese comments in relation to mathjax Peter Krautzberger 2015-02-12
ACTION-203 (edit) open Will look at iso japanese comments in relation to mozilla/gecko, and into response requiremnts David Carlisle 2015-02-12
ACTION-205 (edit) open See if we can get access copy of the ISO version of MathML, with ISO's page numbers Bert Bos 2015-07-09
ACTION-207 (edit) open Make a working mathml draft David Carlisle 2015-12-10

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ISSUE-33 (edit)
statistical symbols
RAISED Kyle's Siegrist's request for new Content-MathML symbol 2008-10-24 0

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