3. Which type of standards should my project pursue

Before you start thinking which standards or standardization processes to pursue as a project, it is best to determine first whether your project should plan to interface with standards bodies. Standardization involves an unusual combination of interdependent project activities, some of which are research and development related, and some of which are more aligned with dissemination. An IST project that intends to impact or contribute to standards needs to address this diverse set of tasks in its project plans, and consider which partners are most appropriate to lead each task.

Subsequently, the results your project seeks to achieve through its interfacing with standardization should be held against the type of deliverables that may result form a standardization process, and the process steps you would have to participate in.

Finally, once you have mapped the outcome of this evaluation with additional aspects to be considered such as timing of interactions, the formal mechanisms that enable interactions, and the tasks that are needed to effectively contribute to standards, you will be able to evaluate the resources that will be requiredto pursue the standardization goals, and decide on embeding concrete standardization objectives in your project's work plan.

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