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Participating in WAI


A key aspect of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) is providing an international forum for collaboration between industry, disability organizations, accessibility researchers, government, and others interested in Web accessibility.

WAI encourages participation from individuals and organizations around the world in activities that help improve accessibility of the Web. The participation opportunities described below range from volunteering to implement, promote, and review guidelines, to occasional participation in an interest group, to dedicated participation in a working group.

Participating in Guidelines and Groups

Reviewing Guidelines and Documents

The W3C specification development process includes formal periods for public review. Opportunities for review of WAI documents are announced on the WAI home page and WAI Interest Group mailing list.

The WCAG Working Group also maintains a reviewer list for people who want to get direct notification of WCAG documents for review. To be added to the WCAG reviewer list, contact the WCAG WG Team Contact.

Participating in Interest Groups

The WAI Interest Group (WAI IG) is for general discussion and feedback on all areas of WAI's work. Most of the interaction within WAI IG is through the public mailing list. WAI IG usually meets once per year in conjunction with the CSUN conference in March in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The Research and Development Interest Group (RDIG) facilitates discussion and discovery of the accessibility aspects of research and development of future Web technologies. Current participation opportunities include:

Participating in Working Groups

WAI Working Groups have specific criteria for joining, including requirements for participation. Working Group mailing list archives are viewable to the public. The Working Group pages linked below include information on participation and links to the public mailing list archives.

Sponsoring WAI

WAI's work is supported in part by sponsorship from industry, disability, and government organizations interested in contributing to WAI's efforts to make the Web more accessible. Please see the list of current sponsors on the WAI home page, and Sponsoring WAI for more information on WAI sponsorship.

Promoting and Implementing Web Accessibility

Implementing Guidelines

Promoting Awareness

Promoting Implementation

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