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Practical Semantic Web Deployment with Microformats and GRDDL

Dan Connolly
W3C Technical Plenary
Mandelieu, France
1 March 2006

Case Study: News Syndication at W3C

Site Summaries in XHTML is a cost-effective way to formalize our news metadata.

GRDDL Details

GRDDL Syntax: author's choice

GRDDL Semantics: explicit, grounded in the Web

A person (or a machine) can "follow your nose" from the document to the transformation algorithm, to the data, to the definitions of the terms used in the data.


Use GRDDL to aggregate data from friends etc, then...

table subject/property/value
  PREFIX foaf: <>
  PREFIX c: <>
  SELECT ?name, ?summary, ?when
   FROM <myFriendsBlogsData>
   WHERE { ?somebody foaf:name ?name; foaf:mbox ?mbox.
           ?event c:summary ?summary;
                  c:dtstart ?ymd;
                  c:attendee [ c:calAddress ?mbox ]
Tantek ÇelikWeb 2.02005-10-05
Norm WalshXML 20052005-11-13
Dan ConnollyW3C tech plenary2006-02-27

See SPARQL Query Language for RDF W3C Working Draft Feb 2006, plus Norm's travel last year

Consistency checking

For details: see Semantic Web Data Integration with hCalendar and GRDDL, given Nov 2005 at XML 2005 in Atlanta

Tabulator: a Semantic Web browser

tabulator with grddl support

alpha version

More Use Cases

Wish List


Acknowledgements, Colophon

These slides: