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Package org.w3c.dom.css

Interface Summary
Counter The Counter interface is used to represent any counter or counters function value.
CSS2Properties The CSS2Properties interface represents a convenience mechanism for retrieving and setting properties within a CSSStyleDeclaration.
CSSCharsetRule The CSSCharsetRule interface represents a
CSSFontFaceRule The CSSFontFaceRule interface represents a
CSSImportRule The CSSImportRule interface represents a
CSSMediaRule The CSSMediaRule interface represents a
CSSPageRule The CSSPageRule interface represents a @page rule within a CSS style sheet.
CSSPrimitiveValue The CSSPrimitiveValue interface represents a single CSS value.
CSSRule The CSSRule interface is the abstract base interface for any type of CSS statement.
CSSRuleList The CSSRuleList interface provides the abstraction of an ordered collection of CSS rules.
CSSStyleDeclaration The CSSStyleDeclaration interface represents a single CSS declaration block.
CSSStyleRule The CSSStyleRule interface represents a single rule set in a CSS style sheet.
CSSStyleSheet The CSSStyleSheet interface is a concrete interface used to represent a CSS style sheet i.e., a style sheet whose content type is "text/css".
CSSUnknownRule The CSSUnknownRule interface represents an at-rule not supported by this user agent.
CSSValue The CSSValue interface represents a simple or a complex value.
CSSValueList The CSSValueList interface provides the abstraction of an ordered collection of CSS values.
DocumentCSS This interface represents a document with a CSS view.
DOMImplementationCSS This interface allows the DOM user to create a CSSStyleSheet outside the context of a document.
ElementCSSInlineStyle Inline style information attached to elements is exposed through the style attribute.
Rect The Rect interface is used to represent any rect value.
RGBColor The RGBColor interface is used to represent any RGB color value.
ViewCSS This interface represents a CSS view.

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