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Interface CSSRuleList

public interface CSSRuleList

The CSSRuleList interface provides the abstraction of an ordered collection of CSS rules.

The items in the CSSRuleList are accessible via an integral index, starting from 0.

See also the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 Style Specification.

DOM Level 2

Method Summary
 int getLength()
          The number of CSSRules in the list.
 CSSRule item(int index)
          Used to retrieve a CSS rule by ordinal index.

Method Detail


public int getLength()
The number of CSSRules in the list. The range of valid child rule indices is 0 to length-1 inclusive.


public CSSRule item(int index)
Used to retrieve a CSS rule by ordinal index. The order in this collection represents the order of the rules in the CSS style sheet. If index is greater than or equal to the number of rules in the list, this returns null.
index - Index into the collection
The style rule at the index position in the CSSRuleList, or null if that is not a valid index.

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