(closed) Last Call (20070410) Issues List of SAWSDL

This is the issues list for the 20070410 Last Call Working Draft of the Semantic Annotations for WSDL and XML Schema specification. This list is closed, all issues were resolved and the specification proceeded to Proposed Recommendation.

See also the issues list for SAWSDL issues not pertaining to any LC-or-later publication, the closed last call issues list for the 20060928 Last Call working draft, and the CR issues list for Candidate Recommendation 20070126 issues.

Comments on these issues should be sent to public-ws-semann@w3.org.

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1 Propagation of annotation in schema components unclear Editorial Closed Jonathan Marsh
I confess I am not completely sure what this means.

The first paragraph appears to be limited to the annotation of the Schema
component model, and therefore irrelevant to WSDL-XSLT, which only exposes
WSDL components.  However, I do wonder whether "defined with" is precise
enough.  For example, does this include derivation by extension and
restriction?  Are there any ambiguities when substitution or model groups
are used?

I find the second paragraph is a bit ambiguous.  It says the {model
reference} property that corresponds to a top-level simple type (and
therefore corresponds to a WSDL Type Definition component), but it says the
property is to appear upon a WSDL Element Declaration component.  Is this
just a typo?  Should it instead say WSDL Type Definition component?

The intention was to allow propagation of model references and schema mappings from global type definitions to global element and attribute declarations, both in schema and in WSDL (only elements apply to WSDL), this will be clarified in the specification.

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