W3C Working Groups Adopting Guidelines

The following working groups have given notice that they use the markup guidelines in some form. Groups which work in a Member-only context are marked as such.

Web Ontology (WebOnt) (test scraping, live RDF) Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) (test, live) [member-only] Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) (test, live) [member-only] Math (test, live) [member-only] Quality Assurance (QA) (test, live) Multimodal Interaction (test, live) [member-only] Voice Browser (test, live) [member-only] Device Independence (test, live) [member-only] Web Services Architecture (test, live) XML Key Management (test, live) Document Object Model (DOM) (test, live) [member-only] Web Services Description (test, live) Patent Policy (test, live) [member-only] Technical Architecture Group (TAG) (test, live) Web Services Choreography (test, live)
Internationalization Guidelines, Education, and Outreach (GEO) Task Force (test)