W3C AC Meeting

Technical Plenary and WG Meeting Event
Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge, MA USA

3 - 7 March 2003

Local Logistics

Venue - Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge, MA USA

Five Cambridge Parkway
Cambridge, MA 02142 USA
Tel.(main) : +1. 617.806.4200
Tel.(reservation): +1.800.SONESTA (7663782)
Fax : +1.617.806.4232

Please call the hotel and mention you are part of the "MIT/W3C" group or fax the completed reservation form to: +1.617.806.4232.

Transportation Details

Boston Logan International Airport is the closest international airport to the meeting site. The Royal Sonesta Hotel is located three miles from Logan Airport. The travel time between the airport and the hotel (meeting site) will vary between 30 minutes to one hour depending on traffic conditions. Taxi are plentiful and fares will range between $18.00-$28.00. More ground transportation details

Please Note: There is a major road construction project going on in Boston called the "Big Dig." For this reason, we recommend taking a taxi or public transportation rather than renting a car. If you prefer to rent a car, all major car rental companies have locations at Logan Airport (Avis, Budget, Hertz, etc.).


Morning coffee and drinks (though no breakfast or morning snacks), lunch, and afternoon refreshments will be provided all five days in The Grand Ballroom A&B. Attendees can get their own breakfast at the Gallery Cafe (on the first floor of the hotel) or at theCambridgeSide Galleria mall across the street before the meetings start.

Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday: 12:00-14:00 - Buffet Lunch
It will be at the discretion of group Chairs to decide when their groups will break for lunch, 12:00-13:00 or 13:00 - 14:00 etc.

Wednesday: Buffet style with BOF Tables

There will be a light reception (there will be light food, but attendees may want to plan for dinner afterwards) in the Skyline rooms from 19:00-21:00.

A sign-up sheet will be posted at the registration desk if you would like to organize a lunch-time BOF discussion table. Please sign up early; there may be space limitations.


Wireless connection will be provided in all the meeting rooms. The connection will be almost exclusively wireless so attendees should plan to bring wireless cards in order to be connected to the network. There will be one wired connection in each meeting room as a back-up for the chair. Due to the contract for connectivity we have negotiated with the Sonesta, each connection must be through the Sonesta and so absolutely no hubs will be allowed.

Attendees should bring a 802.11b compliant (aka "WiFi") wireless card.

Note: We do not make specific manufacturer recommendations, however WiFi cards that are known to have worked fine in the past include the Enterasys RoamAbout cards, the Orinoco cards, and the Apple Airport cards. There are other name-brand products that are very probably suitable; be sure up-to-date drivers are available for your particular operating system. If you have had your card for more than a couple of years you should check that the firmware in your card is up-to-date.



Meeting rooms have been reserved for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to accommodate W3C Working Group (WG) and Interest Group (IG) face to face meetings. Please note due to space limitations and group sizes, some groups will not be in the same room each day.

All rooms will be available from 08:00 to 18:00, with registration open from 08:00-09:00, morning and afternoon coffee breaks and a lunch break beginning at 12:00. Each group group should provide the exact daily agenda (start time, end time, break time) to their participants.

Related: W3C Events Calendar (Member only)

MONDAY/TUESDAY, 3- 4 March 2003 -- schedule

Group Name
(can be linked to group agenda page)
Registered Participants
(linked to attendee/observer list)
Observers Room name
(subject to change)
CSS 12 12 Skyline D
Device Independence (DI) - Tuesday only 14 17 Skyline E
Education & Outreach WG (EOWG) 21 7 University B
I18N GEO 7 10 Royal
Math 9 7 Skyline B
Protocols & Formats (PF) - Tuesday only 10 7 University A
Voice Browser 37 11 Charles B
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) - Tuesday only 11 13 University C
Web Ontology (Web Ont) -Tuesday only 18 n/a Charles A
Web Services Description (WSD) 29 17 Somerset
XForms 14 19 Skyline C
XML Core 11 n/a M: Skyline E
T: suite 956
XML Query Functions & Operations TF (Monday only) 15 n/a off-site
XML Schema 19 n/a Skyline A
XPath TF (Tuesday only) 12 n/a off-site

Table updated 25 February 2003; registrants list by group page updated automatically from registration system.

WEDNESDAY, 5 March 2003 - Plenary

All Plenary presentations will take place at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. W3C will host a reception in the evening after the plenary session. People are encouraged to use this opportunity to meet participants from other W3C groups.

The plenary day will begin at approximately 08:30 and end at approximately 17:30.

An agenda page is available.

THURSDAY/FRIDAY, 6 - 7 March 2003 -- Schedule

Group Name
(can be linked to agenda page)
Registered Participants
(linked to attendee/observer list)
Observers Room name
(subject to change)
Device Independence (DI) 16 16 Skyline C
Document Object Model (DOM) 8 9 University A
Glossary (Friday only) 10 ? Suite 1067
HTML 12 12 T: Skyline D
F: Skyline B
I18N Core TF 4 8 Royal
Multimodal Interaction (MMI) 50 13 Parkview
P3PWG 10 4 T: Suite 956
F: Skyline E
QAWG 11 11 University B
SVG 21 12 T: Charles A
F: Skyline A
SW Architecture 56 n/a T: Charles B
F: Riverfront
Timed Text 9 14 T: Skyline E
F: Skyline D
User Agent WG (UAWG) 9 8 University C
Web Services Architecture 32 25 Somerset
XMLP 19 n/a off-site
XML Query 25 n/a T: Skyline A
F: Charles B
XSL 17 n/a T: Skyline B
F: Charles A

Table updated 25 February 2003; registrants list by group page updated automatically from registration system.

Contacts and Program Committee

Appendix: Group Responses

These are the results of the request for information (W3C Member only) about participating groups.

(* are those which are not flexible about meeting days, "Meet/Not Meet" entries in italic are those unmet in the allocation table above)

Group name Chair/Contact name Days preference Size Plenary size Meet with No overlap Observers
CSS Bert Bos M/T (also Sunday) 10-12 ~6 DI, VB, SYMM IG HTML, SVG, I18N yes
(Member only)
Roger Gimson Th/F* (also T) 15 ? WAI-PF, XForms, XHTML, CSS, I18N XForms yes
(Member only)
Ray Whitmer no pref 12 ? . WSD,XMLP, XMLCore yes
EOWG Judy Brewer no pref 18-20 12 PF, UA, WCAG, DI, I18N . w/ chair's permission
Glossary Wendy Chisholm Friday only 10-12 ? ? . w/ chair's permission
(Member only)
Steven Pemberton Th/F* 15 20 RDF, Linking. MMI XForms, DI yes
I18N Core
(Member only)
Martin Dürst M/T 5-6 5 . yes
I18N GEO Richard Ishida Th/F 5-6 5 . yes
Math Patrick Ion Th/F 12-16 8-12 SVG,XML, Schema, XSL XSL yes
(Member only)

Debbie Dahl Th/F 35 20 XHTML VBWG yes
PF WG Al Gilman one day T
(or Th, M, F)
8 8 DI ? UA(request no overlap DI and MMI) yes
P3PWG Lorrie Cranor/Danny Weitzner Th/F 10 ? . . ?
QA WG Lofton Henderson T/F* 10-12 8-10 . . yes
RDF Core
(switched to SWArch)
Brian McBride no pref 15 ? . WebOnt w/chair's permission
SW Arch Eric Miller T/F 15 ? . ? w/chair's permission
(Member only
Chris Lilley/ Dean Jackson no pref 20 15 XForms CSS member only
Timed Text Thierry Michel Th/F 20 15 . . yes
UA WG Jon Gunderson Th/F 10-12 ~3-4 HTML, QA, WAI ER yes
(Member only
Jim Larson M/T 35 20 DOM, I18N, WAIPF MMI yes
WCAG WG Wendy Chisholm no pref 10-15 10 SVG, DI, I18N, WAI . yes
Web Ont Guus Schreiber (Jim Hendler not attending) M/T 30 15 RDF Core no
WS Arch Mike Champion/
Jonathan Marsh
Th/F* 25 20 I18N WSD, XML Core DOM, XML Schema member only

w/ chair's permission

WS Desc Mike Champion/
Jonathan Marsh
M/T 25 20 WSA WSA
member only

w/ chair's permission

(Member only)
Steven Pemberton M/T* 15 20 CSS HTML yes
(Member only)
Michael Sperberg-McQueen M/T* 10 7 HTML, SVG XQuery, XSL, DOM, WSD no
XMLP Carine Bournez T/F 15 n/a . . no
XML Query
(Member only)
Michael Sperberg-McQueen/
Paul Cotton
T/F* (F&O Task Force M) 25 15 XSL (adj. rooms) XForms,I18N XMLSch, XMLC no
XMLSchema Michael Sperberg-McQueen M/T* 18 10 XQuery, XSL, WSA no
(Member only)
Michael Sperberg-McQueen Th/F* (XPath Task Force T) 15 10 XQuery (adj. rooms), XForms,I18N XMLSch, XMLC no

ERT WG Wendy Chisholm Not meeting
TAG Ian Jacobs Not meeting
WAI CG Judy Brewer Not meeting
WAI IG Judy Brewer Not meeting
XML Linking Michael Sperberg-McQueen Not meeting
XML Plenary IG Michael Sperberg-McQueen Not meeting
XMLP David Fallside Not meeting

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