ACTION-556: Follow up with HTML WG chairs as to why is not normative

Follow up with HTML WG chairs as to why is not normative

Noah Mendelsohn
Due on:
June 30, 2011
Created on:
May 26, 2011
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Query from Noah to HTML5 chairs:

Noah Mendelsohn, 4 Jun 2011, 22:44:35

Paul Cotton announces ( HTML WG chair decision ( including the revised text for authoring draft:

"This document is an automated redaction of the full HTML5 specification. As such, the two documents are supposed to agree on normative matters concerning Web authors. However, if the documents disagree, this is a bug in the redaction process and the unredacted full HTML specification takes precedence. Readers are encouraged to report such discrepancies as bugs in the bug tracking system of the HTML WG."


Noah Mendelsohn, 12 Jul 2011, 14:52:22

14 July 2011: TAG (Noah as chair) sends note confirming satisfaction with resolution:

Noah Mendelsohn, 14 Jul 2011, 19:32:18

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