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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-213 (edit) pending review Prepare 18 April 2013 Telcon Agenda Noah Mendelsohn 2013-04-16 weekly
ACTION-795 (edit) open Draft text on closing of ISSUE-46 Noah Mendelsohn 2013-04-11
ACTION-767 (edit) open Propose division of issues into OPEN/POSTPONED, etc. Noah Mendelsohn 2013-04-16
ACTION-757 (edit) open think about how to evaluate results vs. success criteria on closed work Noah Mendelsohn 2013-04-23
ACTION-798 (edit) open Will republish Noah Mendelsohn 2013-04-25
ACTION-668 (edit) open Eventually, probably after registries work is done, ask whether TAG wants to reinvest in MIME/Web Due 2013-01-31 Noah Mendelsohn 2013-05-15
ACTION-563 (edit) open Arrange for periodic TAG key issues reports to Jeff per June 2011 F2F Noah Mendelsohn 2013-05-18
ACTION-667 (edit) open Check, when publishing and linking wraps, whether it's time to reinvest in Noah Mendelsohn 2013-06-04
ACTION-716 (edit) open Update privacy product page to indicate a) possible handoff to other group b) liaison with IAB & IETF privacy interest group c) goal to initiate larger activity in privacy - Due: 2012-07-31 Noah Mendelsohn 2013-06-11
ACTION-723 (edit) open Record final closing of work on HTML/XML Unification in product page Noah Mendelsohn 2013-06-11
ACTION-838 (edit) open Fix the tracker system so it can handle alumni names as well as current members Noah Mendelsohn 2013-10-09

Open Issues

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