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TAG@TPAC 5th-10th November 2007,
Cambridge, MA.

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Mon 5th Nov Agenda Venue (may change)
8:30-10:30 Expected: Stuart, Tim, DanC, DaveO, Raman, Noah, Rhys, Henry, Norm
  1. Issue namespaceDocument-8  and " XML Schema draft populates the intersection of Language and InformationResource"

  2. Issue URNsAndRegistries-50
    • ACTION-33 on Henry S. Thompson to revise URNsAndRegistries-50 finding in response to F2F discussion - due 2007-10-31, open

  3. Issue XMLVersioning-41
    • ACTION-16 on David Orchard to Incorporate the NVDL text into the findings.
    • ACTION-38 on Norman Walsh to review the XML part again
    • ACTION-48 on Henry S. Thompson to Produce an exemplary implementation of XHTML Modularization using substitution groups for both bottom-up extensibility and top-down modularity
    • ACTION-51 on David Orchard to And Dan work together to articulate the story that the TAG wants to tell.

  4. Issue xmlFunctions-34:
    • ACTION-25 on T.V. Raman to summarize history of DTD/namespace/mimetype version practice, including XHTML, SOAP, and XSLT.
    • ACTION-26 on Henry S. Thompson to Henry to prepare new draft of xmlFunctions-34

  5. Issue httpRedirections-57 (ISSUE-57)
    • email from TimBL "Subgroup to handle semantics of HTTP etc?"

  6. Issue binaryXML-30 (ISSUE-30)
    • Related Action Items
      • ACTION-63 on David Orchard to Review EXI measurements against the TAG bar, due Oct 31st - due 2007-10-31, pending review
        Draft Review

Cambridge B
Break (10:30-11:00)
Lunch (13:00-14:00)    
14:00-16:00 Expected: Stuart, Tim, Noah, Rhys, Henry,...

Informal Meeting with HCLS IG on topics related to httpRange-14 and friends  (forwarded request from Eric)

Cambridge B
Tue 6th Nov    
15:30-17:30 Expected: Stuart, Noah, Dave, Rhys, Henry...
Regrets: ...

Joint meeting with: Web Security Context WG (WSC) on passwordsInTheClear-52 (see Summary of current status)

William Dawes A
18:00-21:00+ AC Meeting Day One Charles View Ballroom
Wed 7th Nov    
08:45 - 18:15 Technical Plenary Agenda President's Ballroom
Thu 8th Nov    
09:00-12:00 AC Meeting Day Two President's Ballroom
Fri 9th Nov    
9:00-10:30 Expected: Stuart, Tim, Rhys, DaveO, Noah
Raman, DanC, Norm and Henry.
  1. Naming and Identification in Virtual Worlds.
    • ACTION-2 Contact Don Brutzman to query about possible contacts about naming in V-Ws and integration with the Web
    • Email response to Noah from Don
  2. Issue passwordsInTheClear-52
    • ACTION-75 Ask Norm to be point person for passwordsInTheClear-52
      DaveO has volunteered for this role.
    • Review revisions to draft finding
  3. Issue XMLVersioning-41
  4. Issue httpRedirections-57 (ISSUE-57)
    • email from TimBL "Subgroup to handle semantics of HTTP etc?"
  5. TAG Future Directions
    • Open Issues Review
    • Table of Contents (pointer please!)
    • P2P and friends
BU Lounge
Break (10:30-11:00)
Lunch (13:00-14:00)    
Sat 10th Nov    
  No Plans  

Stuart Williams for TAG

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