Tentative TAG Liaison Meeting Schedule

28 Feb
1 Mar
2 Mar
3 Mar
4 Mar
Session #1 09:00-11:00

Room: Boardroom



At Risk:
Paul Cotton

09:00-10:30 09:00-10:30 09:00-10:30
Break 11:00-11:15 10:30-11:00 10:30-11:00 10:30-11:00
Session #2


Room: Queen Mary

Joint with WS-Addressing WG
Agenda Proposal

At Risk:
Paul Cotton

proposed to TAG/WG Chair
agreed with TAG/WG Chair


Room: Congress 313

Joint with XML Core-WG
(WG: yes)
(TAG: yes)

Lunch 12:30-14:00

Room: Michelangelo A&B

Voice Brower WG
(WG: yes)
(TAG: TimBL, Henry, Ed, Vincent, Noah, Norm and Stuart)

Session #3 14:45-15:45

Room: Aquitania A/B

Joint with CDF-WG

14:00-15:30 14:00-15:30

Room: Olympia B

Joint with XML Schema WG
(WG: yes)
(TAG: yes)

Break 15:30-16:00 15:30-16:00 15:30-16:00 15:30-16:00
Session #4 16:00-17:30 16:00-17:30 16:00-17:30 16:00-17:30

Liason Meetings

  1. Extensibility and Versioning of XML Languages joint with:
    (see message to chairs@w3.org)

    There was little positive response to having this meeting so I have withdrawn the offer/intention of arranging it. (see email to chairs)

  2. XML Core
    Topics: the future of XML, xml:id/C14N, xmlChunk-44
    (see email from Norm)

  3. QA-WG
    No joint meeting. Joint telcon after the TP

  4. XML Schema
    Joint working on issue-41 "Extensibility and Versioning" -- refer to 14 Feb joint call
    Other topics?

  5. WS-Addressing
    Topic: Web Service Endpoint references and URI
    (also related to email from Mark Baker)

  6. Voice Browser WG
  7. Compound Document Formats
    Topic: mixedUIXMLNamespace-33 - email to CDF-WG chair




Generally, I'm driving in each day from Lexington. Prefer no meetings before 9AM but can do earlier if necessary (except on snow days, in which case I'll likely be late anyway, as I have to dig out two cars before leaving.)



I will attend the Plenary Week from Monday morning to Thursday evening. Obviously, I plan to participate in the TAG meeting on Monday, but I don't have any other commitment (I am not on any WG currently).

Being new to the group, I'd like to get involved in as many liaison meetings as possible. I could later focus on some specific issues and spend more time talking with some groups that are closer to my area of expertise, but for this first f2f meeting I prefer to cover a broad spectrum to get the whole picture faster.

I am in touch with the SysTeam to be allowed to update pages in the TAG area of the W3C Web site. At the moment, I am not able to do so.

Please put that information on the liaison meeting page for me. I should be able to do it myself next time.


I _may_ be unavailable either Tue. morning or Tue. afternoon -- I'm available at all other times, although will mostly be in Schema f2f Thu and Fri.


I'm interested in Extensibility and Versioning (and the relationship with XML Schema), and WS-Addressing issues. FYI, I have been the champion of W3C WS-A issue #1 (EPRs relationship to URIs) and written much of the material that has led to the closing of that issue.

I will prioritize these issues above WG attendance to discuss.


I am planning to attend all week and will arrange my schedule around the TAG events.

In particular, I would be interested in attending the next generation HTML discussions that the HTML-WG is planning as well as the xml schema wg sessions concerning versioning.


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