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Name of the tool: Skosify
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Programming language(s) that can be used with the tool:
Relevant semantic web technologies: OWL, SKOS
Categories: Converter, Validator
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Company or institution: Aalto University

(Tool description last modified on 2011-10-5.)


Skosify is a tool for creating and improving SKOS vocabularies. It was created to allow easy conversion of thesauri and thesaurus-like ontologies from various RDF, OWL and "mostly-SKOS" formats into good quality SKOS.

The program is a command line tool that accepts any RDF file as input and tries hard to make it conform to SKOS conventions. Optionally, it can map RDFS/OWL Classes into SKOS concepts and hierarchical rdfs:subClassOf relationships into skos:broader/skos:narrower relationships. It also performs some structural validation on the result and attempts to fix many common problems.