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PROV is a specification that provides a vocabulary to interchange provenance information. Users can do so by marking up their web page using the terms provided or by making available provenance information expressed as linked data.

The PROV "family" of documents consists of 12 documents; the best is to look at the PROV Overview Document for a list of those and how they relate to one another.




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ISO 19115 Lineage

This is a OWL 2 DL extension of PROV-O that models part of the ISO 19115 UML metadata standard; in particular the concepts relating to lineage. The modelling covers the standard classes prefixed by LI_ ("lineage") and LE_("lineage extended") and provides placeholders for the other classes referenced by them. The intention of this ontology is to enable ISO lineage records (typically presented in XML) to be re-presented according to this ontology and therefore supporting interoperability with other PROV-O provenance records. The design has treated PROV-O as an upper ontology extended with the ISO 19115 concepts, faithfully carrying through the names and structure of the ISO 19115. As a result the design may well differ from both a direct translation of the UML to OWL and also from a fresh attempt to model the ISO 19115 content in PROV-O.

This is the RDF/XML OWL file, ISO_19115_Lineage.owl.

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