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Nemrod Framework

Name of the tool: Nemrod Framework
Home page:
Date of latest release: 2015-03-26 (verify)
Programming language(s) that can be used with the tool: PHP
Relevant semantic web technologies: RDF, JsonLD
Categories: Programming Environment
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DOAP reference:
Company or institution:

(Tool description last modified on 2015-04-3.)


Nemrod Framework is a framework providing an abstraction layer for handling (consuming and producing) RDF in a Symfony2 project, in the same way Symfony users are using Doctrine. The framework provides five main components:

  • a resource manager (similar to Doctrine's resource manager)
  • a SPARQL query builder allowing to interact directly with your sparql endpoint(s)
  • a form extension allowing to build forms to create or update data
  • a json-ld serializer allowing to produce framed json-ld representation of RDF
  • Optionally, a set of services can be set up that populates and update an Elasticsearch server wrt triple store content.