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Name of the tool: Morph
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Programming language(s) that can be used with the tool:
Relevant semantic web technologies: RDF
Categories: Converter
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Company or institution: Talis

(Tool description last modified on 2009-12-11.)


Morph converts data between different Semantic Web “formats”/RDF serializations. Accepted input formats are Semantic HTML, RDF/XML, RDF/JSON and Turtle, plus SPARQL/XML and Facet XML. Output formats are HTML, JSON and JSONP for all input formats, plus RDF/XML, RSS1.0 Turtle, TriX, Exhibit (HTML), Exhibit JSON and Exhibit JSONP for RDF input. The service will also merge and convert multiple input files. The HTML output gives a basic RDF viewer/browser. Morph was developed by Keith Alexander from Talis.