ISWC 2010 Data and Demos

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This page gives datasets and demonstrations developed for ISWC 2010, and existing tools that can be used with ISWC 2010 Metadata.

Feel free to expand the list with your own tools.


Basic Conference dataset

The data is maintained on the Semantic Web Dog Food website.

Bibliographic Data on BibBase

BibTeX entries of all the papers are retrieved from Semantic Web Dog Food entries, and published as Linked Data using BibBase

  • Browse data
  • HTML (You can group by authors, for example, to find out who has the highest number of papers at ISWC and its workshops)
  • SPARQL endpoint (Still in Beta, with internal limits)

Note that the author entities on BibBase are interlinked with DBLP and other data sets published by RKBExplorer (such as ACM and CiteSeer)

Provided by Oktie Hassanzadeh.

Real-time Twitter Data

Additional Dataset

Previous Years' Data


Check screen shots here (will be updated when more entries are added)

Browsers developed for ISWC

General-purpose browsers that can work with ISWC data

To be included in this list, the tool should be

  • a live service as of ISWC 2010 (Nov 7-11, 2010) - please provide a URL that can browse an entry in the dataset

Known working tools:

  • AllegroGraph, e.g., [2]
  • Disco - Hyperdata Browser, e.g., [3]
  • Explorator, e.g., [4] (add the sparql endpoint clicking Menu -> Repositories)
  • Graphite, e.g., [5]
  • Information Workbench by fluid Operations, e.g., [6]
  • Marbles, e.g., [7]
  • OpenLink Data Explorer, e,g., [8]
  • OpenLink Virtuoso Sponger "About" page, e.g., [9]
  • OpenLink Virtuoso Faceted Browser "Describe" page, e.g., [10]
  • Paggr Prospect (e.g., [11]) and Paggr Linked Data Browser (e.g., [12])
  • RelFinder with ISWC 2010 Configuration (works in browsers with flash support)
  •, e.g., [13]
  • Sindice, e.g. [14]
  • SIOC RDF Browser, e.g., [15]
  • Tabulator (Both Online and as a Firefox plugin), e.g., [16]
  • Triplr, e.g., [17] (in JSON, also available in Ntriple, Turtle, html and rdf)
  • Zitgist, e.g.,[18]


Candidate list: (tools that are expected to be able to browse ISWC 2010 data soon)

Data Converters

  • W3C RDFa distiller, e.g., [19]



The ISWC 2010 metadata contains contributions from (alphabetic order by surname)

  • Jie Bao, RPI (ISWC 2010 Metadata Chair)
  • Georgeta Bordea, DERI, on expertise discovery of people (powered by Saffron).
  • Lin Clark, DERI, on data validation and integration with ISWC website.
  • Richard Cyganiak, DERI, on workflow of the Metadata Committee
  • Johanna Flores, RPI, on mapping to DBpedia
  • Tudor Groza, DERI, on paper structure and citation data
  • Fuyun Lin, RPI, on conference center data
  • Knud Hinnerk Möller, DERI, on data cleaning up and publishing on the SWDF website
  • Sharon Myrtle Paradesi, MIT, on keyword extraction from papers
  • Evan Patton, RPI, on conference center data
  • Zhenning Shangguan, RPI, on conference proceeding data and twitter data
  • Joshua Shinavier, RPI, on Twitter data
  • Vlad Tanasescu, University of Edinburgh, on geolocation
  • Jie Tang, Tsinghua University, on mapping to ArnetMiner
  • Jin Guang Zheng, RPI, on Twitter data

The ISWC metadata uses the Semantic Web Conference Ontology, developed by Knud Hinnerk Möller (DERI), Sean Bechhofer (University of Manchester) and Tom Heath (Talis Information Limited).

We also thank other members of the ISWC 2010 Metadata Committee, the ISWC 2010 Organization Committee, and many members of the Semantic Web community in supporting the development of the dataset and its applications. -- (guessing Jbao signed it ... wiki history doesn't reveal)