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Cerebra Server

Name of the tool: Cerebra Server
Home page: http://cerebra.com/cerebra-products.html
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Categories: Development Environment
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Company or institution: Cerebra®

(Tool description last modified on 2009-12-10.)


The Cerebra Server™ is a semantics-based knowledge management and inference platform which has been used extensively as metadata, dependency tracking and contextual search foundation. The Cerebra Server is an open technology platform based on the W3C Semantic Web standards allowing it to interact readily with current and future Open Data initiatives relevant to each domain. Cerebra comes with all of the platform capabilities—such as security, user management, audit, notifications, logging, and user interface services—you would expect from an enterprise-ready server.

Semantic Annotation, Search and Analysis combines the respective strengths of natural language processing and logic reasoning techniques. Contexts derived from fragments of natural language are further augmented and disambiguated with logic reasoning to yield a more complete and refined profile for indexing, discovery and matching.

Also included are Cerebra Respository, Workbench and Contruct tools.