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RDB2RDF Working Group Space

Candidate Recommendation

Official CR documents:

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Last Call

See Last Call page for details ...

Working Documents

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See Meetings page for agenda and minutes

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Administrative Stuff

Keeping track of actions and issues

The RDB2RDF WG has an instance of the Tracker running at: RDB2RDF Tracker.

Countdown to Proposed Recommendation

  1. We have a face-to-face meeting scheduled at TPAC (31 Oct-4 Nov 2011).
  2. We would like all Last Call issues to be closed by the end of the f2f meeting to start preparing for Proposed Recommendation status. So, working backwards ...
  3. We need at least three weeks for a Last Call comment period (see W3C Process Document) and, say, a month for resolution of Last Call issues in case we get a lot of comments.
  4. Thus, we should plan to publish Last Call drafts around September 1, 2011
  5. We must close all open issues before we can go to Last Call.
  6. The Process Document says that before announcing a Last Call, the Working Group MUST do all of the following:
    1. Record the group's decision to request advancement.
    2. Fulfill the relevant requirements of the Working Group charter and those of any accompanying requirements documents, or report which relevant requirements have not been fulfilled.
    3. Indicate which dependencies with other groups the Working Group believes it has satisfied, and report which dependencies have not been satisfied.


  1. Scribing (see Zakim and RRSAgent)
  2. ScribeList
  3. Participation:
    1. log into IRC first using the W3C Web IRC client or another Web IRC client such as mibbit
    2. join the '#RDB2RDF' channel
    3. dail into the conference using +1-617-761-6200 and the code 7322733# (spells "RDB2RDF#")
  4. Face to Face 1
  5. Face to Face 2


As of our charter we shall coordinate our work with other W3C groups but also with external activities, see Liaisons for details.

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