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RDF Interest Group: Face to face meeting at W3C Tech Plenary, Feb 2002

This page documents the RDF Interest Group meeting on Thursday Feb 28th 2002, part of the W3C Technical Plenary and WG Meeting Event, Hotel Royal Casino - Cannes Mandelieu, FRANCE. The plenary runs from 25 Feb 2002 to 1 March 2002; see the agenda and registration pages for more details.

Latest Info

Dan Brickley (RDF IG chair) wasn't able to attend the Tech Plenary. The meeting is still going ahead, with Eric Miller (Semantic Web Activity Lead) coordinating. The agenda is pretty flexible, and will be based around a "show and tell" theme, with lightening presentations on RDF and SW projects, applications etc. from attendees.



The goal of this RDF Interest Group meeting is to explore the role of the Interest Group within the Semantic Web Activity, to provide a venue for a developer "show and tell" session focussing on RDF-based tools, applications and services, and to exchange experiences with work on topics such as RDF query, rdf-calendar, ontology and rule languages.

Outline Agenda

We intend to devote much of the meeting to 'show and tell' lightening presentations.

  1. introductions and overview
  2. review agenda
  3. brief discussion of factors affecting RDF adoption, as lead-in to 'show and tell' session
  4. show and tell lightening presentations, from any/all attendees. special reference to adoption issues (challenges overcome, polishing of demos etc for wider audience)
  5. adoption factors: discussion
  6. WebOnt use case presentation and discussion
  7. RDFCore update
  8. other topics (calendar? comms? swad? input to Web Services?)

Confirmed Attendees

Note: Registration closed 15 February 2002. Contact the IG chair if you'd like to attend at short notice (or attend as an observer).

Suggested Reading

The main expected reading for this meeting are the standing "main texts" for RDF developers (the 2 specs plus issue list) alongside the new Semantic Web Activity materials...

See also:

Logistics: Meeting place, Hotel, and Transportation details

Related Meetings

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Meeting Outcomes

@@Links to presentation materials, minutes etc belong here.

Dan Brickley, RDF IG chair
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