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8.1 An RDF Schema for Thesauri (SKOS-Core 1.0 Guide)


This document is a guide to using the SKOS-Core 1.0 RDF schema for thesauri. The SKOS meta-model is introduced, the features of the SKOS-Core 1.0 schema are described with examples, and guidelines for using SKOS concept schemes for subject-based indexing of web resources are offered.

8.2 Review of RDF Thesaurus Work


This document is a review of existing work on RDF-based systems for encoding thesaurus data. Seven schemas are discussed in relation to common themes and design features. Some conclusions are drawn regarding requirements for a thesaurus representation system that will allow thesaurus data to become a part of the semantic web. The schemas themselves are presented for convenient analysis as summary tables.

8.3 RDF Encoding of Multilingual Thesauri


This document is an introduction and guide to using SKOS-Core and SKOS-Mapping RDF schemas for encoding of multilingual thesauri. It gives recommendations for encoding different types of multilingual thesauri, where there are variations in structure and implied semantics.

8.4 Inter-Thesaurus Mapping


This document is an introduction and guide to the RDF thesaurus vocabulary extension for defining inter-thesaurus mappings and equivalence relationships. It gives recommendations and examples for defining mappings between concepts from different thesauri, and using these mappings to enable inter-thesaurus interoperability.

8.5 RDF Encoding of Classification Schemes


This report describes an RDF encoding of the Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme (PACS). How to correctly capture the semantics of a PACS resource classification is discussed. Some recommendations for the RDF encoding of classification schemes in general are offered.

8.6 OWL Ontology for Thesaurus Data


This report describes the features of OWL that are used in the SKOS-Core 1.0 schema for thesaurus data to express additional semantics and constraints that may not be expressed with RDF schema alone.

8.7 RDF Thesaurus Prototype


This report describes the thesarus research prototype demonstrating the SKOS schema by means of the SKOS API web service and a demonstrator containing sample data, some simple clients for using the API, documentation and description of related work.

8.8 Migrating Thesauri to the Semantic Web (SKOS-Core 1.0 Guidelines for Migration)


This document presents guidelines, methods and examples for migrating current thesaurus systems to RDF based thesaurus systems. Both 'standard' and 'non-standard' thesauri are considered. Three case studies are presented.

See also SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organisation System).

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