The SWAD-Europe workplan describes the structure of the overall project. This page provides the current state of the thesaurus activity (WP8).

The SWAD-E Thesaurus Activity Reports Page provides summaries of and links to all the deliverables published as part of this workpackage.


SKOS is an open collaboration initiated by SWAD-E, developing specifications and standards to support the use of knowledge organisation systems (KOS) on the semantic web ... see the SKOS homepage for more information.

RDF representations for thesaurus data

Work is ongoing to develop RDF vocabularies for describing thesaurus data ... see the SKOS Core and SKOS Mapping pages for latest information.

Terminology Web Service API

A web service API for access to a thesaurus service along with a demonstration implementation has been developed as part of this workpackage. The SKOS API is available now along with the demonstrator described below.

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Demonstrator for RDF thesaurus technology

A demonstrator has been created, building on the development, implementated as a thesaurus web service, to illustrate the power of thesauri in improving information retrieval - the DREFT SKOS Thesaurus API Demonstrator including server, client and, sample data encoded in SKOS, along with a live web service and live client demonstration calling the service.

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Public list of use cases

We are collecting a public list of use-cases for all applications of thesaurus and similar services in distributed environments. These use-cases will be used as the basis for defining a web service API for access to a thesaurus service.

We invite you to contribute to this list. Anything from an anecdotal description to a formally defined use-case is welcome. Email your use-case to Nikki Rogers at ILRT.

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Links wiki

Visit the links wiki for links to resources relating to thesauri, including XML formats, RDF formats, standards, online thesauri, papers and presentations. Feel free to add links of your own.

Public mailing list

This list is a public forum for discussing issues relating to thesauri and the semantic web. Feel free to join the discussion.

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Latest ...

SKOS presentation at NKOS 2004 (download presentation).

New SKOS homepage is online.

SKOS DREFT Thesaurus Demonstrator software announced.

SKOS Thesaurus Web Service Client Demonstrator announced.

Deliverable 8.7: RDF Thesaurus Prototype second draft.

Launch of SKOS Core phase 2 development.

Reports page is online.

SWAD-E presents at DELOS event, presentation here.

Deliverable 8.7: RDF Thesaurus Prototype initial draft.

GEMET environmental thesaurus goes live with RDF/SKOS download.

SWAD-E Thesaurus Activity web tour presentation for WWW2004 Developers Day.

SKOS API web service API for access to thesauri services announced.

SKOS-Core 1.0 Schema and Guide are released.

SWAD-Europe demonstrates at JISC Terminology Services Workshop

SWAD-Europe visits English Heritage

Deliverable 8.3: RDF Encoding of Multilingual Thesauri first release.

Deliverable 8.4: Inter-Thesaurus Mapping first release.

TIF to SKOS mapping rules are online.

SKOS-Core pre-release. RDF schema for thesauri and simple KOS.

SKOS-Mapping pre-release. RDF schema for inter-thesaurus mapping.

Use Cases for a Thesaurus Service is online.

Deliverable 8.2: Review of RDF Thesaurus Work first release.

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