This page is a summary of the SKOS API. This is a Web Service API, designed to provide access to thesauri and other simple knowledge organisation systems (SKOS) via the web.

API Overview

The API has been created in Java, and the documentation for that is available as JavaDoc. The main service class is (you will need to slect it in the frameset) which provides the thesaurus service Web Service. The other key classes are Concept, URI and Relation which define datatypes and do not provide method calls.

The Java API is used via the Apache Axis' Java2WSDL (see Axis User's Guide) to create the external web service description in WSDL - rather than author the WSDL directly. This WSDL is Service.wsdl describing a fake web service providing the SKOS API.

The final stage for using this is to use the WSDL to generate the client and server parts of the web service in your deployment language. This could be Java such as via Axis' WSDL2Java (see Axis User's Guide) which creates stubs for both ends along with skeleton implementation classes and web service deployment configuration.


Maintained by Dave Beckett, Nikki Rogers, Alistair Miles, last updated 2004-04-29.