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Welcome to the Social Interest Group (SocialIG) home page!

Social Interest Group


Deliverables (from Charter)

Mandatory Deliverables
The group will deliver the following to fulfill its goals as an Interest Group Note, subject to discussion in the Interest Group:
* Use-case and Requirements Report
This report will document the use cases to drive social standards for both businesses and consumers. These use-cases can include personalization based on context, including location, activities, and connected devices.
Possible Deliverables
The group may propose additional standards work to the W3C, and may publish Interest Group Notes as needed. Examples of possible Interest Group Notes are:
* Social Architecture Report:
This document takes a broad look at all the social technologies and specifications under development, including summarizing their contribution and tracking their adoption. The document will then demonstrate how a subset of these can be used as a unified architecture. An overview report has been produced by the Social Web XG in 2010.
* Social Vocabularies:
Various standards such as ActivityStreams and RDF allow various items of shared interest, such as products and actions ("likes"), to be named with a URI for reasons of interoperability. Vocabularies are sets of these related URIs around particular activities (business processes, sharing, shopping). The Interest Group may maintain a list of shared URIs relevant for the use of social standards.
The production of any Interest Group deliverables depends upon the resources available, and will change as new information, adoption, and implementation experience is reported to the group. As the deliverables are in general non-normative, they can be changed and maintained throughout the lifetime of the Interest Group to reflect the current landscape of social technologies. The group should work with other groups of experts to make sure issues of security, privacy, accessibility, and data protection are taken into consideration.



Ann Bassetti (Boeing) -- new chair, with help from teammates

Mark Crawford (SAP) -- former chair

We are looking for at least one additional chair. If interested, please contact Ann Bassetti or Harry Halpin

Staff Contact

Harry Halpin (W3C/MIT)



How to participate

To join this group, if you are affiliated with a W3C member organization:

  1. Use the form for getting a W3C account or recovering an old one
  1. Have your AC representative nominate you using the form for joining this group

The chairs and staff may permit people to join as "invited experts"; to pursue this option, fill out the Invited Expert Application and the chairs will contact you in about a week. Send any questions about this process to Harry Halpin.

If you are officially in the group, you will automatically receive group email and your login and password will work on this wiki.


We currently use IRC, a mailing list, telecons, and face-to-face meetings for discussion.



The IRC channel is logged on the publicly-visible URL above. You can bookmark the URL and it will redirect to the current day.

You can get your photo to appear next to your name in the logs by adding yourself to the IRC-people page.

Dedicated to Social Interest Group discussions. See public-social-interest archive. Please preface the subject of any emails with either #Admin, #(name of the TF), or #(Relevant topic keyword(s)) to help manage us manage the discussions.


New meeting time! Starts Wednesday, April 15, 2015. 15:00 UTC

Bi-Weekly telecons take place on alternate Wednesdays at 17:00 Central Europe, 11:00 US/Eastern, 8:00 AM US/Pacific. See time converter for more options.

NOTE: If someone located in Asia or Australia wants to participate, we will work out a new meeting time. We want your participation! Please contact the Chair or Staff Contact.

Dial-in and Conference Code

  • Please join IRC (#socialig) before dialing in
  • Dial 1-617-761-6200 Zakim Code "SOCIG" (76244#)
  • SIP Instructions
  • If dialing in via VOIP, please use the Zakim command to identify yourself:
    • When you dial in, Zakim will record you as "??Pnn" where "nn" is the port you got on the Zakim bridge
    • You type in IRC: "zakim, ??P0 is AlanK"
    • Zakim should respond, "+AlanK; got it"
  • Note that we have the telecom number reserved for every week. The formal meeting occurs ever other week, and task force meetings on alternating weeks.

Instructions for creating a one-time call bridge


  1. In IRC, type command: zakim, room for 8?
  2. ... where "8" is the number of people you want to attend
  3. Zakim (the W3C telecom tool) should immediately respond with a phone number
  4. If you don't specify the minutes you will get 60 minutes

Schedule in advance

  1. Send an e-mail request at least 48 hours in advance to:
  2. Modify the following information within the quotations with your request.
    1. Day(s): Day of Week: "Thursday"
    2. Date(s): "2014-11-20"
    3. Time: from "12:00 to 16:00 EST (Boston Time)"
    4. One Time or Recurring: "One Time"
    5. Number of participants: Up to "8"
    6. Name of teleconference group (OR subgroup): "Social Interest Group Vocabulary Task Force"
    7. Preferred conference code (4 or 5 digits): "76244"

Next Meeting

If this is your first W3C telecon, please join the IRC channel at [[1]]. We can help talk you through how to dial in.

If you are diligent, you may read about how to talk to Zakim, using W3C's IRC bot that helps facilitate meetings with Zakim (W3C's audio teleconference bridge).

Face to Face Meetings

Past Telecons & Meetings



Process will be in accordance with W3C Process.


The Social Interest Group will meet bi-weekly for coordination amongst the various Task Forces. Individual Task Forces will meet at the discretion of the TF as necessary to progress their work.


Issues and Actions related to this IG are managed via the W3C Tracker. See Social IG Tracker.

Task Forces

Four task forces have been established to focus on various aspects of the IG responsibilities. these are:

  • Socialig/Use Case TF - Chair: Larry Hawes. Will define technical and business driven use cases around social
  • Socialig/Vocabulary TF Chair: elf Pavlik. Will identify social syntax/vocabularies and determine missing components.

Please visit their respective pages to track their efforts and to provide relevant input (see Documentation)

We experimented with two other task forces and archived them after long time of little to no activity [2] Socialig/Liaison TF & Socialig/Architecture TF


To document proposals, ideas, even specifications that are social web related, please create pages for them from the relevant Task Force wiki if so related, otherwise create and link to them from here.

Social IG TPAC Update Presentation (PDF)


You may preface your page names with "socialig/" if you pick a particularly generic name and/or wish to indicate the scope in the name.

Related Organizations

The following organizations are also working on Social Web technologies:

Longer list available at Socialwg#Related_Organizations

Patent Policy

This Working Group operates under the W3C Patent Policy (5 February 2004 Version). To promote the widest adoption of Web standards, W3C seeks to issue Recommendations that can be implemented, according to this policy, on a Royalty-Free basis.

For more information about disclosure obligations for this group, please see the W3C Patent Policy Status Page.

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