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Update on “Smart Notebooks” Project

Thanks to all who’ve sent me comments!

The new, and hopefully improved Kickstarter page and video are now up at:

Take a look!  Comments welcome.  So are donations, likes, tweets, diggs, +1s, re-distribution, blog posts, and any other visibility!  And… if you happen to have a large, distributed project coming up – a conference, event, crowd sourcing effort, flash performance, disaster response exercise that just begs for a collaboration support tool – let’s talk!



collaboration support project

Hi Folks,

Maybe this will interest some of you:  I’ve been working on a distributed project management tool.

Short story: We have complicated PM tools that nobody uses, we have simple tools, but they’re all centralized web services.  What’s missing is something simple (like checklists, spreadsheets), and distributed (like Git).  I’m trying to hit simple + distributed/peer-to-peer, running in a browser, linked by open protocols.

Take a look:


Miles Fidelman