Section 5.1

A quick note that as of this post, section 5.1 starts:

Selectors Level 3 [SELECT], is nearing specification completion and already has seen substantial adoption, following past development of Levels 1 and 2. There may eventually be Levels 4 and beyond, which will require more sophisticated processors.

That was true when Section 5.1 was written, but obviously it’s out of date now.  I propose that we just drop those sentences, since the ones that follow are the real meat of the section and they aren’t bound any particular point in time.

One Response to Section 5.1

  1. Chris Lilley says:

    Also, update the references section to

    <dt id=”bib-SELECT”>[SELECT]</dt><dd>Tantek Çelik; et al. <a href=””><cite>Selectors Level 3.</cite></a> 29 September 2011. W3C Recommendation. URL: <a href=”></a ></dt>

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