Group Communications: Preferred Tools

Hi folks,

In Working Groups we use phone, IRC, wiki, blogs and F2Fs to foster group communications. As a community group, we have all of this technology as well.

I realize everyone has personal preferences. I personally think this blog (viewable to you via email, RSS, etc.) is best for now as our main point of contact, and the existing wiki (not yet fleshed out but feel free to jump in!) for projects, brainstorms and other issue tracking.

For IM, voice, video – let’s gather preferences. I personally do not care what we use so long as everyone else is happy.

As for F2F’s – we’ll see how things go and then you can all come to mine some time for a poolside BBQ Wild Wild West (WWW) style.

Molly (all my puns are bad puns)


3 Responses to Group Communications: Preferred Tools

  1. Rich Quick says:

    For IM and 1-2 voice / video I’d vote Skype.

    Not sure about conference video?

  2. Rodney Weis says:

    Skype is fine for one-to-one communication. I’m open to any conference video solution that someone can recommend.

  3. Sabine Moebs says:

    skype is fine with me. I’m open for anything else as well, as long as it just runs in an Android app or web-based.

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