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How to Make it Accessible

This page links to some techniques for how to make specific aspects of Web pages (images, forms, tables, etc.) accessible. The links in the image below go to sections of the HTML Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, which includes explanations, strategies, and detailed markup examples. This is only one of several related documents. Please see the following for additional information:

Images and image maps Images and image maps Text markup Text markup Lists Lists Tables Tables Forms Forms Links

image described below
@@would have image that looks more like a real Web pages @@ perhaps also image of markup pointing to other aspects @@ including some or all of those listed below...

Image Description

The image above is an example web page with the following items labeled and linked:

  1. @@Document structure and metadata
  2. @@Language information
  3. Text markup
  4. Lists
  5. Tables
  6. Links
  7. Images and image maps
  8. @@Applets and other programmatic objects
  9. @@Audio and video
  10. @@Frames
  11. Forms
  12. @@Scripts