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Ian Jacobs, W3C

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This document has been produced for the User Agent Guidelines Working Group (UAWG) to summarize responses from assistive technology developers to a request made a the 28 Mar 2002 teleconference. This summary is likely to change at any time, and represents no consensus. This summary is expected to help the UAWG refine the requirement in UAAG 1.0 pertaining to communication between a conforming user agent and other software such as assistive technologies.

1. Content/ui/event/api requirements

The following table organizes content requirements expressed by AT developers. The table indicates by @@ where these requirements are not met by the W3C XML Infoset Recommendation (see email on establishing minimal set of API requirements in terms of the Infoset, for both XML and HTML).

Note: A linear version of this table is also available.

Jill Thomas, ION Jost Eckhardt, AISquared Cathy Laws, IBM
  • All text
  • All attribute info items
  • All parent element info items
  • All text
  • All enabled elements
  • Attribute info items for some elements (e.g., frames)
  • (Navigation) ordered list of links, frames, form controls
  • Functional blocks of content (in UAAG 1.0 terms, "important elements")
  • Layout v. Data table
  • Retrieve and change all element content
  • Retrieve and change all attribute values
Rendering structure
  • None
  • Coordinates of rendered elements
  • Coordinates of rendered words
  • Coordinates of rendered characters
  • Mapping from screen coordinates to source element
  • For each rendered character, pixel location
  • Mapping from character pixel location to DOM text node and character offset
  • None
  • Text foreground and background color, font family name, text size, font characteristics
  • Text display attributes
UI/Session variables
  • None
  • Content focus (fast access)
  • State of form controls
  • Selection (including selected non-text content).
  • Get viewports for embedded objets or applets. Note: This is generally done through the operating system, not the API used to access content.
Events/Change notification
  • None
  • Content focus
  • Selection
  • Form controls: radio buttons, check boxes, choices, text area
  • Download complete
  • Receive event notifications for mouse events, key events
  • Changes to elements/attributes
Programmatic control
  • None
  • Move rendered content into viewport
  • Move focus to enabled elements
  • Activate enabled elements
  • For both rendered elements and characters, simulate an event even if not for an enabled element (left or right mouse click)
  • Move focus to viewports with embedded objects or applets.
  • Select content (text and images).
  • Set focus
API requirements
  • Preserve document order
  • Provide alert when document object construction is complete.
  • Preserve document order
  • Content information and events must represent rendered content (after error correction).

2. Out of scope for UAAG 1.0

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