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ACTION-9 (edit) open Draft advisory technique, \"Opening new windows and tabs only when best from an accessibility perspective\" David MacDonald 2009-03-19
ACTION-50 (edit) open Harmonize description of H2 with Flash technique combining adjecent buttons Michael Cooper 2010-02-28
ACTION-67 (edit) open Create visual examples of G18... Michael Cooper 2010-02-28
ACTION-75 (edit) open Create failure technique for SC 2.2.4 about alerts to warn of impending timeout, a legitimate way to meet 2.2.1 at A but a failure of 2.2.4 at AAA Michael Cooper 2010-02-18
ACTION-83 (edit) open Re-write Understanding SC3.3.4 technique for Situation D (and perhaps E) to meet option 2 of success criteria. James Nurthen 2010-04-22
ACTION-89 (edit) open Coordinate with Shawn about fate of http://www.w3.org/WAI/WCAG20/sites/ Michael Cooper 2010-05-13
ACTION-92 (edit) open Create a failure technique for CSS animations Michael Cooper 2010-05-26
ACTION-96 (edit) open Create FAQ on contrast Gregg Vanderheiden 2010-06-28
ACTION-111 (edit) open Write up a new failure relating to popups, overlays, and viewports. Katie Haritos-Shea 2010-10-07
ACTION-114 (edit) open Write a general technique on quality link text drawing from Mary's notes, and H30 and other sources... David MacDonald 2010-11-11
ACTION-118 (edit) open Create technique on page numbering to deal with roman numerals, etc. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-09-20
ACTION-135 (edit) open Draft a "how to write a good WCAG technique" document Michael Cooper 2011-07-07
ACTION-136 (edit) open Revise f9 http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/WCAG20-TECHS/F9.html for future discussion David MacDonald 2011-08-04
ACTION-137 (edit) open Draft an advisory technique of how to create hidden text and what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. James Nurthen 2011-08-11
ACTION-139 (edit) open Write a note for 1.1.1 understanding in order to clarify that buttons need not have all of their context as part of their label - they need only make sense within their context. James Nurthen 2011-08-11
ACTION-143 (edit) open Get added to WCAG FAQ that we can't guarantee all UA info current Michael Cooper 2011-09-08
ACTION-160 (edit) open Propose an example/technique for 2.4.6 for a label for a non-interactive control Adam Solomon 2011-12-15
ACTION-162 (edit) open Provide detailed proposed edits related to comment LC-2513 and run past WG on list for objections, otherwise presumed consent Adam Solomon 2011-10-27
ACTION-164 (edit) open Add another example to F69 for the DIV overflow case James Nurthen 2011-11-03
ACTION-166 (edit) open Write new technique for 1.4.4 failure for CSS related to failure related to zoom. James Nurthen 2011-11-17
ACTION-169 (edit) open Re-explore specificifity of the "join" options for TFs under WGs Judy Brewer 2012-04-19
ACTION-172 (edit) open Bailey and David to provide recommended edits to the group on “Techniques for providing useful text alternatives.” Bruce Bailey 2012-05-10
ACTION-176 (edit) open Create a Note for the WAI-ARIA techniques so that examples which seem to contradict the "use semantic elements" statement in the aria spec can refer to James Nurthen 2012-09-16 HTML & ARIA Techniques TF
ACTION-180 (edit) open Make suggested editorial changes to 3.4.2 regarding Sufficient Techs Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-09-13
ACTION-181 (edit) open Work with alex to rewrite proposal on real-time event addition Gregg Vanderheiden 2012-10-11
ACTION-185 (edit) open Add a banner to old WCAG documents pointing to latest versions Michael Cooper 2012-10-18
ACTION-187 (edit) open Propose a restructuring of Understanding 1.1.1 David MacDonald 2013-01-17
ACTION-203 (edit) open Revisit removing the tabindex check from test procedure step 3 in F59 Adam Solomon 2013-06-13
ACTION-204 (edit) open Look at fixing changing LC-2632: SCR37: Creating Custom Dialogs in a Device Independent Way David MacDonald 2013-06-25
ACTION-213 (edit) open Work on adding his additional knowledge about uses of level to this technique. David MacDonald 2013-09-03
ACTION-216 (edit) open Draft possible failure for using role=heading without aria-level to represent a hierarchy of headings. Bruce Bailey 2013-09-17
ACTION-227 (edit) open Work with david on creating clear list of edits for http://lists.w3.org/archives/public/public-wcag2-techs/2013may/0001.html Bruce Bailey 2013-11-05
ACTION-228 (edit) open Work with david on creating clear list of edits for http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wcag2-techs/2012Jan/0001.html Bruce Bailey 2013-11-05
ACTION-236 (edit) open Provide live example for example 2 of http://www.w3.org/wai/gl/wiki/using_grouping_roles_to_identify_related_form_controls Alastair Campbell 2013-12-24
ACTION-241 (edit) open Update wg techs wiki with general how to info. Joshue O Connor 2014-03-18
ACTION-242 (edit) open Get working group to clarify the importance of the sc over techniques, the use of failures, how to use the quick ref doc for evaluators. Joshue O Connor 2014-03-25
ACTION-243 (edit) open Get wcag wg to clarify a11y support Joshue O Connor 2014-03-25
ACTION-244 (edit) open Clarify how conformance requirements relate with sc and evalution methods. Joshue O Connor 2014-03-25
ACTION-246 (edit) open Work on codifying the logic used for technique test procedures Joshue O Connor 2014-03-25
ACTION-247 (edit) open Work with kathy on increasing wg knowledge of how AT and IT work together. Joshue O Connor 2014-04-01
ACTION-252 (edit) open Investigate accessibility support for h53 Wilco Fiers 2014-04-15
ACTION-267 (edit) open Draft new text for clarification on placeholder text a la 1.4.3 David MacDonald 2014-08-12
ACTION-270 (edit) open Edit https://www.w3.org/wai/gl/wiki/techniques/general/caption_updates to improve procedure based on august 26, 2014 call Bruce Bailey 2014-09-02
ACTION-271 (edit) open Work on failures logic reboot Joshue O Connor 2014-09-10
ACTION-272 (edit) open Ping shadi about the evalwg tool Joshue O Connor 2014-09-23
ACTION-279 (edit) open Review whether aria1 and aria2 should be made sufficient (currently advisory) Joshue O Connor 2014-11-01
ACTION-281 (edit) open Draft proposed rewrites of wcag understanding and techniques abstracts and introductions Michael Cooper 2014-11-15
ACTION-282 (edit) open Raise issue of css technique for generated content fallbacks https://www.w3.org/wai/pf/group/track/issues/542 Michael Cooper 2014-10-13
ACTION-284 (edit) open File issue on g202 regarding language distinguishing functionality from control and clarify necessity of keyboard accessibilty David MacDonald 2014-10-21
ACTION-285 (edit) open Work with eric on providing example with css providing sufficient contrast for placeholder text Katie Haritos-Shea 2014-10-21
ACTION-286 (edit) open Work on technique for issue 542 David MacDonald 2014-10-21
ACTION-295 (edit) open Follow up with kathy and kim on touch techs being advisory a la g90 Joshue O Connor 2014-11-11
ACTION-296 (edit) open Ping the cog a11y tf for feedback on https://www.w3.org/wai/gl/mobile-a11y-tf/wiki/g162 Joshue O Connor 2014-11-11
ACTION-297 (edit) open Do initial proposal for multi-dimensional categorization of techniques Michael Cooper 2014-11-12
ACTION-299 (edit) open Revise pricing technique into example for f2 Andrew Kirkpatrick 2014-11-25
ACTION-306 (edit) open (and joshue) to think about proposals to increase technique submissions, including the need for code standards. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2015-04-21
ACTION-307 (edit) open (and joshue) to think about proposals to increase technique submissions, including the need for code standards. Andrew Kirkpatrick 2015-04-21
ACTION-308 (edit) open Will take on a response for issue #89 Loretta Guarino Reid 2015-05-05
ACTION-309 (edit) open Work with jon on user agent notes related to issue 86 David MacDonald 2015-05-19
ACTION-310 (edit) open Add requirements to the data format page Wilco Fiers 2015-06-08
ACTION-312 (edit) open Create xslt that will generate interim json file Michael Cooper 2015-06-08
ACTION-313 (edit) open Look into timeline for sources transition and get back to us Michael Cooper 2015-06-08
ACTION-314 (edit) open Re-emphasize urgency to judy Shadi Abou-Zahra 2015-06-08
ACTION-315 (edit) open Look into https://github.com/w3c/wcag/issues/71 to help guide decision Wayne Dick 2015-09-01
ACTION-316 (edit) open Send a quick pointer to aria to take a look at this https://github.com/w3c/wcag/issues/113 Michael Cooper 2015-12-08
ACTION-317 (edit) open Send note to list on 102 https://github.com/w3c/wcag/issues/102 for comments and see if this can just be closed Michael Elledge 2015-12-08
ACTION-318 (edit) open Horton to look at new technique for disappearing background images. Sarah Horton 2016-01-19
ACTION-321 (edit) open Propose project plan for wcag Michael Cooper 2016-04-21
ACTION-323 (edit) open And andrew to propose overall timeline to drive date planning Joshue O Connor 2016-06-02
ACTION-324 (edit) open Create wcag wiki page for tf issues Andrew Kirkpatrick 2016-06-02
ACTION-327 (edit) open Ping lisa and update her on outcome of the tf facilitator meeting Joshue O Connor 2016-07-07
ACTION-328 (edit) open Discuss need for definition changes in wcag at editors meet. Joshue O Connor 2016-07-12
ACTION-329 (edit) open And awk to work out a way to deal with definition changes. Joshue O Connor 2016-07-12
ACTION-331 (edit) open volunteer to draft a proposal for an entry into the errata document, for review next week Andrew Kirkpatrick 2016-10-25
ACTION-332 (edit) open Look at meaningful sequence may need an update Joshue O Connor 2016-11-15
ACTION-334 (edit) open Ping sc managers on progress and ask them to attend call Joshue O Connor 2017-01-19
ACTION-335 (edit) open See if auto diff generation possible with git Michael Cooper 2017-01-19
ACTION-336 (edit) open Do the respec extensions for publication Michael Cooper 2017-01-19
ACTION-337 (edit) open Work on a definition of the a/aa/aaa levels Bruce Bailey 2017-03-28
ACTION-338 (edit) open Put together a draft template of structure of supplemental guidance Michael Cooper 2017-07-06
ACTION-339 (edit) open Add issue that we need to update metadata section Lisa Seeman-Kestenbaum 2017-08-24
ACTION-340 (edit) open Set up mailing list to archive gh comment activity Michael Cooper 2017-10-19
ACTION-342 (edit) open Take it on reflow failure if it a working example is not needed. Detlev Fischer 2018-12-11

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