W3C Web Accessibility Initiative

Web Content Accessibility Guideines WG Meeting

18 November, 1999
4:00 - 5:00 PM EDT
Longfellow Bridge: (617-252-1038)




Reports on action items from last meeting.


WC Have people looked at the "wish list? People should also look at UA charter, and I would like to make the process of how we work clearer. I would like to release monthly drafts, and want to find ways to get people more involved.

CMN I have got some potential contacts in the deafness community. They are unlikely to enjoy teleconferences. IRC may be an option

JW I haven't used it, but I have used talk and found it difficult

WC IRC is probably better than talk

CMN There is an emacs IRC client - we should look at using it.

WC WebCT has worked with University of Toronto to make accessible chat

JW I noly have Unix system

WC We should look for more developers, better variety of disabilities, XML, RDF, etc

JW In looking at XML it is easy to say that it must be possible to satisfy WCAG in any new XML language (although that would need some refinement).

WC That's an interesting idea. I wonder if we should schedule face 2 face with PF so we can get together and get crossover. I think Techniques are becoming outdated because they are so focussed on HTML

JW I think you'll find most PF participants are in this working group already.

WC Does all the information flow between the two groups?

JW I think it tends to unless there is mewmber-confidential work being done by PF.

WC e.g. all the work on SVG

CMN I'll post the reference tonight *grin*

WC We have had a problem getting flow from PF into the techniques document.

CMN It is unclear how the techniques document is updated.

WC We need people involved for editing.

PJ Is there a public mailing list, or can I write to the website, or how is it organised?

CMN It is possible to give write access to the document, but it is generated by some tools.

PJ Is this in the charter?

WC No, but I would like to put some of it there. I would like to use ETA (A W3C tracking tool) to maintain the open issue list. (for example)

JW improving the system for maintaing the issues list would help

WC I would like to get a lot more of the work happening on the list too.

/* discussion of process. For Process details see the Process Document.

JW Should we write a requirements document?

WC Yes, that makes sense.

CMN There is a balance to strike between writing clearly what we are doing and spending too much time talking about talking.