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WSTF Minutes 10 November 2003 Meeting


agenda in e-mail list archives: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-eo-site/2003Nov/0001.html



23:10:17 Vision will be addressed again at the next meeting

User Group Profiles, Personas

23:13:25 http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-wai-eo-site/2003Nov/0000.html

23:14:06 action: carol - clean up html files of wcag personas

23:14:21 Volunteer to clean up html in pdf conversion files - Carol S.

23:18:45 action: charmane - write persona for education

23:22:17 action: carol add more detail to her persona

23:24:25 action: slh check on what to do with WCAG personas. where put? expand?

23:32:44 Items should be sent to the list week of Dec. 24th.

23:32:45 [Andrew] Goodwin is at: http://www.cooper.com/newsletters/2001_07/perfecting_your_personas.htm

Information architecture

23:33:57 michael lenz (ml)

23:36:25 ml: heuristic, then inventory site, cards, sort...

23:37:42 Go through heuristics, then full card sort, UCD, W3 information, go through template creation etc.

23:37:50 [Andrew] michael - can you write up the steps you have described (and issues) and post to list?

23:38:54 ML: Users - people who go to WAI sites - will go through card sorts. Identify users and have them do the card sort.

23:39:33 AA: From personas and user groups will identify them.

23:41:07 ml: users perspective on how things categorize & W3C perspective. need to normalize

23:42:09 ML: Try not to organize by organizational hierarchy

23:42:35 ML: Positioning of WAI site - not necessarily inline with users needs

23:44:43 ml: first open card sort, then closed card sort (with categories defined already & put the cards in 'em)

23:44:47 ML: After card-sort, do a closed card-sort with categories. Alternative categorization may occur (products and services)

23:45:27 ML: Tasks of trying to locate content within categories with users.

23:46:13 ML: Move into information design (presentation) to determine based on card sort what is most appropriate for site.

23:46:46 ML: Content on pages next (columns, design and user requirements).

23:46:56 [Zakim] shawn, you wanted to ask why heuristic before ia? and to ask about virtual and to

23:47:43 ML: In-person card sort - .pdf cut up, put in bucket and given to user's to sort.

23:48:00 ML: Categories are labeled by users - usually less than 8 groupings.

23:49:26 SH: Affinity Diagram - group dynamics? Pockets of groups.

23:50:10 ML: One on one card sorting - not groups.

23:50:57 ML: Can go ahead and conduct sessions - have other's do sessions as well.

23:51:14 ML: Need content assessment of WAI site - first

23:51:48 ML: Heuristic assessment - best practices. Baseline for known interaction problems.

23:52:35 ML: Identify potential areas during sort - content assessment - 5 links with different names go to same section. Catch glaring issues first.

23:52:52 ML: Will share heuristic list with group.

23:55:28 ML: Content assessment will give us pages which will become the card titles.

23:55:57 ML: Need someone with extra knowledge in this case (Shawn H.)

23:57:15 ML: Can group articles, archive, email pages into 1 page.

23:57:38 action: ml send resources on IA & content gathering

23:58:02 action: slh & aa to develop content list

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