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DRAFT About the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (UAWG)

Announcements & Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

UAWG meets by teleconference ... day, time, teleconference bridge info, link to world clock meeting planner ...

UAWG meets face-to-face several times per year.

Upcoming teleconferences:

Minutes from previous meetings are available.

Current Work [??Deliverables??Publications??]

@@ gives "heartbeat" info by including dates, e.g., "For January through March 20XX, WG is doing XYZ"

@@ includes links to current working drafts

Upcoming Work and Previous Work

@@ not sure how this would relate to About UAAG - need some place to list docs that aren't on there ... do want to repeat all here? want to have on separate page that is linked to from here - or leave up to WG (e.g., for EO would want to link off, not list here, but others ...)

About UAWG

... short paragraph about what UAWG does ...

The following additional information about UAWG is available:


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